Chappell Roan: Up and Coming Independent Queer Artist You Should Be Paying Attention To

Anyone who has listened to “Pink Pony Club” knows that Chappell Roan is the real deal regarding new, engaging, and fun pop music. Not only are Roan’s lyrics passionate and honest, but her pop production is also unique. Her stage name is inspired by her late grandfather, Dennis K. Chappell, and his favorite song, “The […]

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Newsroom round up 1/31

Local News JMU’s “Holocaust-Centered” program is distasteful and non-inclusive. Two-dozen Jewish faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff from JMU intended to boycott “Holocaust-centered” lectures, according to an article published on January 26, 2023, by The Breeze. The event lacked support from the Jewish community as well as several others. The event, which we supposed to be […]

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today is red.

Millions have awaited today over the past few months. November 12th, 2021.   Red.   Taylor Swift’s album, Red (Taylor’s Version), has been re-released today with ten added songs. The added songs include the hit country song, Better Man, previously sung by Little Big Town but written by the Queen herself. Songs also include Ed Sheeran, who was […]

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Misogyny in the Music Industry

As a Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies minor I am currently taking the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies course. This past week my class had a guest speaker, her name is Javay (@/millennialsexpert on Instagram) and she is a JMU alum who is now a practicing sexologist. In her presentation to my class she […]

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Supporting Abusive Celebrities Is Supporting Abuse Itself

Inevitably, when we add songs to our playlist we are not only supporting the music and art itself, but also the artist who composed it. So what if the artist committed some act of abuse, whether it be sexual, emotional or physical? Would we still keep that song in our library? Even if we don’t personally condone of their abusive actions, if we continue to support their music we are granting them the satisfaction of knowing no matter what they do, there will be no repercussions, as they will still always be successful and have a fanbase.

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