It’s been real, it’s been fun. Bloggers, its been REAL FUN.

@wokewarrior here giving you this semester’s final act. This semester in ShoutOut has been monumental. We’ve accomplished so much this semester. From day one we have championed an unstopped force on this campus. Even from the first day of class we shook shit up. From walk outs on the first day to haters in our comments. We brought our energy to D.C. at the Women’s March and shared our support against sexual assault at this year’s V-Day. We have been on this campus for almost ten whole years- and we have done great work in the classroom, on our campus, and ultimately on the world wide web. It is our hope that the work that we have done this semester and every other semester, has found itself in your hearts and minds.

Here’s a !ShoutOut of the great work that we did this semester and promise to keep it going next semester.

  1. We revamped this semester’s curriculum. We have the awesome professor, Sarah Taylor Mayhak, and the awesome Social Media Manager, myself. We met three times a week, had writing partners and TWENTY bloggers.
  2. We established a “Brave Space” and held close to the truth during this entire semester.
  3. We made history and went to the Women’s March. We truly bonded and met incredible people all while.
  4. We had some terrible news, some life changing, and some that really hit close to home. Overall though, we had some great “News Rooms“.
  5. We had a pretty great class discussions. My favorite discussion was the true and unfortunate conversations of sexual assault. We discussed the #Metoo movement in politics, we discussed the #Metoo movement with Dr. Matthew Ezzell.
  6. We traveled to Radford with some ShoutOut! alums and did a presentation on feminism at the Virginia Communication Association of Arts and Sciences Conference. IMG_5971 2.JPG

7. We had our first pop up V-Day event on the new JMU commons. We passed out flyers and encouraged people to think critically about what they can do to make our campus safer for everyone. IMG_5972 2.JPG

8. We had a bad ass V-Day performance that was truly life changing for me. The immense courage and passion that brought the entire ShoutOut! community together for the main purpose of ending sexual assault. People shared their own spoken word pieces, the profound writing of other’s and their own lovely work. IMG_5969 2.JPG

9. We had a great potluck and really had the opportunity to share with everyone of each other how much we appreciate them. We really did appreciate the food even more 😛

10. Overall, I had a great, great semester in ShoutOut! I am thankful for the new friends I’ve made, the things that I’ve learned, and all of the memories I’ve made.

Thank you so much for supporting our posts, events, and initiatives. We hope that you will join us again next semester!

Much, much, much, love- @w0kewarrior, your 2018-2019 Social Media manager.


2 thoughts on “It’s been real, it’s been fun. Bloggers, its been REAL FUN.

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    Wrapping up my second semester teaching JMU’s oldest + only advocacy blog, ShoutOut! JMU. If you’re interested in reading about some of the highlights this semester from a student perspective, check out our Social Media Manager’s year-end re-cap:


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