Welcome back, Shoutout! It’s a new semester, and we are so excited to welcome 20 new intelligent and driven bloggers to our team. While we have only met for class twice, we have already gotten to know each other and begin planning all the exciting things to come. This semester, we have a determined coalition of writers who are eager to make this Shoutout!’s most successful year yet! We plan on making great strides around campus and creating insightful content through a feminist lens to help educate the James Madison community. It gives me great pleasure as this semester’s Social Media Manager to introduce the Fall 2019 Shoutout! Team.

Yes I have thick thighs

Yes I still love to eat
Yes I love supporting other women
I am black, women, and strong

And I will not let a man get in my way

This blog is devoted to exposing all the dark truths of the female experience in a world ridden with injustice and intolerance. I am a LBGT+ and racial ally, who always is looking for ways to rock the boat of bigotry. Women are not my competition. We stand together and fall together, so why try and knock a bitch down? Females are the future, and I dare you to stand in our way. It’s about time we unite as bad bitches against bigots!
Hi there, I’m a senior Communications major/Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor, an avid Mets fan, former drummer, and have dedicated a large portion of my life to advocating for equal rights. To quote Halsey’s song Nightmare, “I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be.
I’m a sophomore psychology major who, like a peach, enjoys feeling fuzzy on the outside, so I’ll frequently be writing in my flannels or sweatshirts. I aim to have a feminist perspective in varying facets of life. From going to Disney World to waiting in line for a concert, feminist ideology can influence how I view even the most seemingly mundane.
My handle says it all. I’m a 19 year old white dude who just barely hits 5’9 at the doctor’s office and has decently lushes hair. I enjoy hanging with my squad, lifting, eating and Netflix.
I am a Sophomore Communication Studies major just trying to figure my shit out. Growing up in a conservative town for 18 years talking about women’s equality was not a thing, because everyone thought it existed. I am now starting to develop my voice as a vocal feminist and this is one of the ways.
Pasta enthusiast. Air guitar player. Just a girl who is patiently waiting for One Direction to get back together. Future trophy wife according to my high school Latin teacher.
Serial Chipotle eater. Naturally and artificially flavored. 21 years young 💋.
“I don’t fuck with YOU” – Big Sean
I’m an avid writer, reader and feminist advocate. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than the mistreatment of women and gorillas in our society. Just like the gorillas, women are put in cages, their voices silenced as their very life is manipulated by the zookeepers (men).
I’m a senior Communications major at JMU
I like poetry more than anything, yeah its pretty coo
I am one who hates racism and an advocate of many
I have a list of complaints, yea that means plenty
I believe we are equal and simply should work as one
Imagine what kinda world that’d be, yea sounds fun
Hop on this blog and read all my thoughts
I’m in the feminist club now and damn, it’s pretty hot
VB native. My favorite pastimes include being a boss bitch and breaking glass ceilings. Join the revolution.
…and many more!

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