Oh, would you look at the news? It’s time to update.

Unpacking this week’s news sack!

What’s inside? A whole lot.


  1. Tell me about your day. For the first part of our knapsack, let’s talk about your day. What first comes to mind? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    Interestingly, as an opener, most *women* or AFABs (assigned female at birth) folks are taught to justify their days, or events, based on their feelings. Lo and behold, most of the responses I got centered around how folks felt about their day.


    I gave this as the first story as a precursor to my newsroom, to have folks be conscious and aware about the ways that we talk about stories, specifically ours. Our facts are valid, our stories are valid, and the need not be justified by feelings. How do we talk about stories, and why? Feelings are often used as validation tactics to our stories, humanizing us, validating their content, and capturing the audience. Why can’t we just talk facts?

    Comment question: Have you noticed this? How do you talk about your days? Comment down below!

  2. Get Shrek’d. So, Terry Rossio, creator of Shrek, used ni**er in a tweet, and then apologized (read article for details). Besides the point of it being an awful comparison, he used the word in full. That point aside, we need to have a conversation about apologies for anti-blackness. Apologies don’t fix racism. 

    Terry, you’ve been canceled.

  3. Oh and, cancel Black Friday too. Black friday has been known to be an extreme capitalist holiday– following the day of GENOCIDAL THANKFULNESS we’ve been conditioned to buy things we don’t need.
  4. “The Caravan”: Consistently dehumanizing groups of people fleeing crime is common, and the US is spreading teargas to asylum-seekers. Yet, nobod cares. Recently, Mexico deported some of these folks part of “the caravan”, or, a large group of folks seeking asylum and refuge.
  5. Miley still Smiley while Kimmy and Ye put Fire at Bay: Both couples are still recieving backlash. Miley Cyrus was reported talking about how she was still grateful for all she had left, and proceeded to donate to other folks whose homes had been burned down. Kim and Ye West have fired local firefighters to protect their home, and are also recieving backlash for it. Our conversation centered around the ways that backlash was recieved to both couples in their response to their valuables.

    Comment question: Why is Miley recieving backlash? Why are Kim and Ye’s actions unethical? What longterm messages will these send to future communities, and why will this affect them?

  6. Thanksgiving really DO be like that. And finally, wholesome, wholesome stories. A man, Jamal, tweeted a picture in 2016 of a text message from a grandmother who gave her address and an invitation to a thanksgiving dinner to him. However, a wrong number, he still requested to come over. Well, read the article if you want to find out how this ends! (Good read, so cute!)
And friends, that’s all I have for y’all. What a time to be alive.
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This is SJS, signing off~

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One thought on “Oh, would you look at the news? It’s time to update.

  1. I really liked the point you addressed with women or AFABs always asking why when someone asks how is their day. I feel like when someone asks me how my day is, they are not really invested or they do not truly care with my answer, I think they are just asking to be polite. I usually just say its good or okay, and then move on. I feel like there is not much point to expanding the answer because do they truly care? Probably not.

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