Feminist Anthems

Your fav riot grrlll is back to talk about my fav subject: Music 

First lets talk about the OG Riot Grrrl’s and the impact of their songs. According to the Guardian the top ten bands and songs of the movement are the following:

  1. Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl
  2. Bratmobile- Cool Schmool
  3. Heavens to Betsy – Terrorist
  4. L7- Pretend We’re Dead
  5. Huggy Bear- Her Jazz
  6. Sleater Kinney – Dig Me Out
  7. The Frumpies – I Just Wanna Puke on the Stereo
  8. Le Tigre – Hot Topic
  9. The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control
  10. Perfect Pussy – Driver

Now why are these women and their famous songs so important?

The music and the bands were a vital part of the feminist movement in the 90s. These individuals entered in a a male dominated genre of music, alternative. These women did not conform to the stereotypical quite, petite, nurturing expectations. Musicians like Paula Cole and Alanis Morissette entered the scene with their anger aggressive and loud personas, breaking down patriarchal views on women. Not only were their composure and attitudes towards the genre revolutionary but so was their music. Their songs ranged from advocating against violence against women, for equal rights, and for other issues on race, gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ+ community.

This movement however grew from a mere musical movement into a social movement. The Riot Grrrls later produced “The Riot Grrrl Manifesto”

11:15 post

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This manifesto is what made an impact on the white men in Washington D.C. These women at the ned of the day wanted to normalize the angry woman, breaking down stereotypes and fighting for what they want.  This is why it is important not to overlook a group of very, very, very angry women.

Now some feminist Anthem’s Today:

According to Billboard.com

a few of the top 25 feminist anthems outside of the punk and alternative genre of the Riot Grrrrl movement are the following:

  1. M.I.A- “Bad Girls”
  2. Hijabi (wrap my Hijab)- Mona Haydar
  3. Thunder Thighs- Miss Eaves
  4. Amigas Cheetahs- The Cheetah Girls
  5. Typical Girls – The Slits
  6. Independent Woman- Destiny’s Child
  7. Quiet – MILCK
  8. Cinderella – Play
  9. Woman – Kesha
  10. The Future is Female – Madame Gandhi (TT the Artist Club Remix featuring UNIIQU3)
  11. I Am Her – Shea Diamond
  12. ***Flawless- Beyoncé

And click on the link for the rest of the list.

I want to pose a new song that I think should be in running for the new top feminist anthem:


Frist of all Christina Aguilera is a QUEEN with a voice from the heaven. This song is all about expressing one’s individuality and standing up against societal norms, thus why it is in the running for the new feminist anthem for 2018.

It is important to appreciate the girl power songs of the past from the feminist movement, to Destiny’s Child, to even the Cheetah Girls. However, it is time to evolve. Our feminism is no longer focused on just the anger of white women, we have evolved to an intersectional feminist movement. Anthems should now not only be focused on the rights of women, but should also focus on trans, gay, queer, disabled, racial rights, and self love!

Stay tuned for more,


5 thoughts on “Feminist Anthems

  1. I definitely have some new music to add to my playlist! Thanks for writing about these amazing ladies who are representing female power in the music industry.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I did not realize your handle had historical significance to it! That is so cool! Also, YES FALL IN LINE IS MY FAVORITE SONG. I whole heartedly agree that the music industry needs to be more inclusive and ‘feminist anthems’ need to be more diverse in who the lyrics cater to. I mean there are various of LGBTQ+ artists like Halsey, Hayley Kiyoko and Troye Sivan but there are only a handful that make it to the top of the charts. It would be cool to see more and more diverse artists be placed on the charts. But wait, do you know what merits a song being considered a “feminist anthem?” Are there distinctive criteria that a song must follow?


    1. Not that I know of! I found this list form other resources that are more experts on music then I am but would be interesting to know the guidelines!


  3. Looking at these songs, I had only ever heard of two- the ones by Kesha and Beyonce. Recently I have been intentionally been trying to find empowering music to listen to and this list is so helpful to me. In my WGSS class we just had to read the Riot Grrrl manifesto and it’s so cool to see how our readings relate to things like this. I have never listened to their music but will now. Another article on this site talks about how Little Mix’s new album is very feminist and women empowering so some of those songs may be good to add to this list too!


    1. I agree! I found out about Little Mix’s album after I posted this but would have totally been considered in the newer anthem list!
      Thanks for your feedback!


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