Bra Wars

Hello Everybody!

We’re talking about BOOBS! And the beautiful bodies they sit on.

Yes, everyone has them but like bodies no two are the same. For me, my left boob is bigger than my right. TOTALLY NORMAL for anyone to have a bit of differentiation between the two. As everyone says they’re sisters not twins.

However, companies continue to think that everyone fits into this cookie cutter mold for a bra. I can’t relate to all people who cannot find their bra sizes in stores because I have particularly small breasts, but even being small comes with its own challenges. I am, according to the girl who works at Victoria’s Secret with the tape measure, a 31C… That size doesn’t exist! I can’t even speak to my bigger chested ladies out there who can’t shop in commercial stores because they do not carry their bra sizes.

Despite this being a trend for bras I feel like the lingerie industry is just not as inclusive in general. Even when you find a store that promotes body positivity there are still gorgeous girls modeling the under garments and frankly I have never looked like any of them and I can’t say any of my friends do either. AND all we see is young girls who model these bras. What if your mom or grandma or anyone else who is not 15-30 years old would like to feel powerful and comfortable and even acknowledged by this type of fashion industry? Just because you get older doesn’t mean you should feel left out from something you wear just as often!

In walks in ThirdLove

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.24.10 PM



It was co-founded by two women in 2013 with the mantra that all women are different. Not only are the “talking the talk” but they are truly “walking the walk”. Their ads are amazing and they are catering to the epitome of inclusivity and and diversity. Just look at these fierce women!



This is now all part of an even bigger movement that is exploding on social media


This movement is trying to target big brands, specifically Victoria’s Secret, to encourage them to shift their stagnant approach to their lingerie and underwear line as well as their fashion shows. Even brands like aerie don’t fully live up to the standard of being inclusive, there needs to be more. This can happen by promoting body positivity and empowering women to feel good in their own skin and have representation out there that everyone can identify with. Robyn Lowley, the one who started this “movement” created a petition to boycott the Victoria’s Secret fashion show because they are not inclusive to ALL women. She is very passionate about the idea that all women are different and advertising of that is necessary for change. By promoting ThirdLove and asking women to share pictures of themselves to show that no one is perfect or airbrushed and with something as intimate as lingerie it’s about time we start seeing that. ThirdLove is doing things right and women are on the right track that WE ARE ALL ANGELS. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to see themselves that way ❤   See you next time! Vagibond

6 thoughts on “Bra Wars

  1. This is amazing! I am a smaller chested woman myself but I’ve seen my friends go through the same thing you’ve mentioned and I’m glad companies like this are being more inclusive!! I totally support this and will definitely check out the site to see what they are all about.


  2. Love this company! This is such an important topic and needs to be more well known. I for one am a big chested women and for once would like to not have trouble bra shopping! thank you!


    1. Hopefully it will no longer have to be online only and we will get to the point where you can go to a store and find a comfortable bra that you love!


  3. I love post like these! It seems as though body positivity is talked about more frequently than in the past, but ads and companies seem more exclusive than ever. I myself do not agree with the Victoria Secret fashion show primairly due to the unobtainable expectations they place on women. The expectations and pressures women face daily are extremely sad and anger me greatly, therefore seeing companies like ThirdLove make me hopeful for our future.


    1. Absolutely! I think that it is just such a great site and I love that they do not stop at the typical “retirement” age for models. Everyone should feel confident, beautiful, comfortable, and sexy!


  4. What ThirdLove is doing is amazing! Their models are of all ages and sizes which breaks the stigma of the “perfect body”. The company even takes gently used bras and donates them to individuals in need. Their size variations are what every store needs and I hope one-day ThirdLove branches out to stores.


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