Lets Talk Results

This post is a continuation of @vagibond1 ‘s post last week, The Future is Female

Now that the Midterm elections are coming to an end let’s talk about the results:


More specific, more than 100 women are in the House of Representatives! 

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This is a major improvement for America, finally women are getting a chance to play in the major leagues of government. I wonder if this is because more women are just running for office? Or is it because women are sick of the current administration? Or is it a combination? I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is that it’s about time for women to have a voice in politics. Maybe now we can start to have a say on OUR reproductive rights.

EVEN BETTER is that this feminist achievement is INTERSECTIONAL!
The first Native American women won a seat in Congress, Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland. These two democratic women won in the states of of Kansas and New Mexico. On top of representing the Native American community in Congress, Davids is also the first openly gay person from Kansas, representing the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Continuing this intersectional thread, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will be the first Muslim women in congress. Coming from the states Michigan and Minnesota these women are kicking the patriarchy to the curb and are winning on all levels.


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And to list some of the other major accomplishments during the midterm elections we have:


Now something I noticed about this list is there’s a lot of “First.” Yes this is a good thing but why did it take so long for these firsts to happen? Reference back to @vagibond1 ‘s post, The Future is Female, where they discuss the the femininity of other governments around the world, some even in developing countries. So why can’t we, America, the “greatest country on earth” (we aren’t hence the quotations), having such a hard time implementing women, LGBTQ+, and other minorities to our government? Why has it taken this long?

Well I have a proposal:

What if Trump was a necessary evil?

What if we needed Trump to win presidency to have a higher voter turnout in Midterm elections?

What if Trump’s presidency is the reason for higher young voter turn out?

For higher numbers of women winning office?

Now I know this theory is terrifying, how many necessary evils do we ned to go through? What will the longterm implications be from Trump’s presidency? What idiocracy and turmoil will he put this country through during his remaining time in office?

These are for sure things to consider. However, allow this post to provide you will hope. Hope that change is coming and the wave is only beginning…

Stay tuned


4 thoughts on “Lets Talk Results

  1. Great post! This has indeed been the most diverse election thus far! But what is interesting however is that the media has indeed showcased the impact women have made in this past election BUT while Democratic women candidates have been all the talk, everyone is forgetting Asian American immigrant Young Kim, a Republican woman, who won a seat in US Congress. Granted the party that she is in has been notably intolerant towards immigrant and diversity in general, but should party affiliation merit her accomplishment being silenced?
    Now to answer your questions regarding 45, I wish I had an answer, but I am honestly just flabbergasted each time he tweets or comes out with an outrageous claim, idea and/or bill. Each day I just stay tuned for what’s next. But hopefully having him as President and having the Internet (social media), has had everyone faceplanted with what is happening in their nation. Something that otherwise, wouldn’t have been known about.


  2. I think this is a great post! 2018 has been dubbed the year of the women just like 1992 and many year before it. Only this year, women have been elected and are succeeding with much larger numbers. I know a lot of women said that they ran in this election because of the current administration. I agree with alwaysovaryacting above that greater diversity and success for minority groups should be celebrated regardless of party lines. I also think that it’s important to realize that this historic election for women shouldn’t be a one-time thing. In future elections, it’s important to continue to support women and other marginalized groups so we can get the truly accurate representation that we deserve.


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