The Future is Women

When thinking of our government it is easy to think of white men. That’s because the majority of our government is made up of men, which is not new information to anyone at this point.

For years we have been low on the scales for the equality of men and women in Parliament. I can’t say I fully know the reason for this beside the fact that there hasn’t been much representation for women in the past? Can we blame this on it being too hard to step away from the ideas of the founding fathers where women weren’t even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? Is it too hard to empower women to be just as successful as men? It’s unclear to say that every person’s dialogue is the same. There are too many reasons for every woman as to why they can or cannot do something.

Photo: National Women’s Law Center

It is interesting to see how “advanced” we think we are as nation in so many aspects. Yet, we are behind so many countries we deem to be less than such. Countries we still consider developing, yet are more progressive than I see us being in the near future.

Rwanda, a developing country centered in agriculture is the #1 country for women in both their lower and upper house of representatives. The United States is #104. We don’t even make the top 10 list!


But, things are changing!

This year there is a record number of women who are running to be in office. Over 300 women have filed papers to run for seats in the House,


What does this mean for the country?

Will we finally be able to see equal representation in our government?

How will this affect women’s health and other decisions that have been made by white men? Does it not seem odd that men make decisions about women’s bodies when they aren’t women and are not aware of how we feel or actually know how our bodies work? Will these decisions be changed or shifted when there is more balance? With more representation on women in government I think it will be a refreshing change from the decision rooms about my body being exclusively men. It is not only more comforting to know this, but in turn it feels like representation that women need will finally be given to us.

The potential for women to be elected in these areas is monumental. Take Vermont for example. In their entire history they have never voted a woman into congress, but there are women running this year and it can be the year of change.


It would be wonderful if all these women were voted into our government, but as I just stated they have to be voted. It is time we begin to show young girls that there is a place for them in positions of power and they will be represented.

Let’s change the culture of having women be in the decision making process and equal representation. To make decisions about issues of women by women and for women.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?!


Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “The Future is Women

  1. With the midterms today, it’s interesting being so invested in the ways that folks are being represented. There are various acitivists running for election; simply because they are upset, fed up, and in need of change, through democracy. While voting isn’t the end-all-be-all; vote. Also, I’d be interested to see the ways in which, furthermore, we start to include, not just cis women, but various gender minorities. The complication behind having one gender, or even just the binary can become sticky in terms of representation and progress for various identities. Having women in democracy is important needed nonetheless; but my goal further is pushing for gender minorities in general, to help cultivate a more productive society.


    1. I agree with this so much! I think this is a first step in the right direction but there is no doubt there is a lack of diversity. I think we need voices to represent everyone in this country and there are not nearly enough as of today.


  2. HELL YEAH THINGS ARE CHANGING! We are getting PISSED OFF! I am intrigued to see how the midterm elections turn out, but with more and more young voters and women polling that they are planning on voting hopefully things will go our way for once.


    1. Definitely so much room for improvement! I think this election is getting us closer to that point.


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