Hey… We Need To Talk

In the past few weeks, I have been privileged enough to observe and admire strong and powerful women come together to discuss the issue of inequality.

On February 26th, my fellow bloggers and I hosted V-day. If you didn’t attend this event, you really missed out. Ten amazing women read poems from the Vagina Monologues, and helped create their own twist and life to a poem of their choosing.
If you’re anything like me, an event like this will leave you shaken to your core. It will leave you feeling angry and frustrated, as well as empowered and overwhelmed with strength. It was a great reminder that women are incredible and capable.
The event itself was empowering but all donations were used to support New Creations (a local harrisonburg charity, that focuses on sex trafficking, check them out here!) which was another huge plus!!

I recently read a book called, The witch doesn’t burn in this one, by Amanda Lovelace and she left me speechless when she said “they wanted us weak but forced us to be strong.”

It reminded me that after every sad tale, and every traumatic experience, those who rise from the fire, and even those who do not are the epitome of strength.
they endured and survived, or they endured and tried their best.
It reminded me that no one suffering from oppression is weak, for they’re facing a lifetime sentence and only prove their strength every day.


On February 27th, Eric Pappas and a few of his students held a Women’s Forum to have an open and inclusive conversation on women’s issues. The topics ranged from women empowerment to creating boundaries in the bedroom to catcalling on the quad. Personally, I felt this event was incredibly important because for most of our lives we are taught that these topics are taboo and must be kept to yourself. It was exciting to hear so many women speak up about their personal experiences and the different ways they’ve taken on fighting the patriarchy.

It’s important to create a space where people are able to talk freely about their experiences, their sexuality, their trauma, the harassment, etc.

Talking about these issues, creates more understanding.
It creates the idea that your opinion matters, and isn’t to be brushed under the rug.     That an experience you have faced that you’re unsure of what to make of it, can be talked about and give a clearer understanding that hey, this actually isn’t okay.

Discussion creates a world where change is possible. So, let’s get talking.
Talking loud, speaking proud and acting unapologetically.

Femme Fatale


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