ShoutOut is Conference Bound! NYFLC Here We Come

Hey all, Lucilleontheball here with some exciting news! This weekend, your favorite bloggers from ShoutOut are headed to Washington D.C. for the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference! This conference, sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation, is an incredible opportunity for young feminists like ourselves to talk issues, organizing and action with passionate activists from across the country. We’ll be covering issues like reproductive justice, eco-feminism, campus organizing tactics and methods, violence and social media and web-based activism (and so, so much more!)

Check in with us on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates throughout the weekend! We are so excited to soak up all of the feminist discourse this conference has to offer and we can’t wait to share it back with you (get ready, this conference has inspired some fire posts in the past). Alright, time to hit the road- check back in with us soon!


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