Rounding up our Writers!

SheFire here! just to let you all know we missed our wonderful readers last week while we were on Spring Break! But have no fear this week we are back and many of us will even be attending the New Young Feminists Leadership Conference, in Washington, D.C. this weekend! We are all so excited to share this opportunity together and we can’t wait to share our experience with you!

On another note, all of our fantastic femmes were doing great things on Spring Break this week. One of our professors read a book “Her Body and Other Parties: Stories.” It is written by the author Carmen Mario Machado, and she writes some amazing feminist fiction so be sure to check it!


GirlBoss led an alternative spring break in central Florida, where she worked with children of poor migrant families, in a specialized Head Start program to fit their schedules! Okay, talk about badass.

And yours truly did not, unfortunately change the world for the better, like our other writers, but she did land an internship for the summer!

All in all, we made sure to make good use of our break. And we hope everyone else is taking care of themselves as well.  We’ve got some really great pieces of writing coming up for everyone, so please stay tuned!

SheFire, out. 



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