Trauma to Triumph

Hey Y’all. So as some of you may know, a few us here at ShoutOut recently attended The National Young Feminists Leadership conference this past weekend!

First let me just say, thank you to Feminist Majority Foundation because they did an incredible job at making this conference an educational, fun, and EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE.

Just to give you all an idea of what we did, we attended multiple pannels all covering topics starting from fighting for Immigrant rights, Speaking truth and power to your leaders in public office, and also fighting for Title IX in schools and colleges everywhere.

We learned so many incredible things and heard from such inspirational people like Dr. Willie Parker, Loretta Ross, Eleanor Smeal and even 17-year-old Mei Ling Ho-shing, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It was so inspiring to see such incredible women speaking and fighting for our rights. BUT, I think the most important (and necessary) thing that this writer was reminded of, is how amazing it is to be a woman.

Dont get me wrong, I already know, but even I have to admit, that everyone once in a while, I feel a little hopeless and knocked down; whether by legislation of the big Orange Man, policy-making, or treatment by others. It’s hard to remain fired up at all times and have that fighting attitude 100% of the time. And if there ever was a cure for that feeling, it was this conference.

Hearing from the woman the president of Feminist Majority Foundation, Eleanor Smeal or a 17-year-old activist, Mei Ling, who is now fighting for Gun Control and the safety of students across the nation. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly empowered again to be a woman, and to be someone growing up in a time of significant cultural change and diverse activism. I mean here were women, who had been assaulted, silenced, shamed, you name it. And they were still here, which made me remember that if they can remain strong through that, I can certainly maintain the fight in me.

So, I just wanted to put this out there for my other femes, you are awesome, you are unstoppable and you are courageous. and I leave you with this great quote from the conference this weekend :

“Turn your trauma into triumphs.”

And a few other things…IMG_1704.jpg

Just a little more inspo for y’all.

SheFire out.


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