What Feminists Are Talking About – This Week

Hey there feminists! Did you have a long week? No idea where the month of March went? Don’t worry, here is what you missed this week:

1. On Saturday March 24, the Parkland survivors held a rally in Washington DC to demand sensible gun laws. There were over 800 sister marches across the country and around the world. The students did a fantastic job of checking their privilege! They talked about how gun violence disproportionately affects people of color and that they received more attention because their school is in an affluent area. Most importnantly, they invited several other kids (under 18) to speak about their experiences as marginalized people. Students from Chicago to Los Angeles to Sandy Hook. Everyone on Capitol Hill should be quaking in their boots, because these young activists are not giving up until they get justice. Check out some Naomi’s speech!

2. “What is Trump up to now,” you probably try not to ask yourself.

  • Well, Stormy Daniels has alleged she had an affair with him while Melania was pregnant with Barron. Yikes, but unsurprising. She *also* came forward saying she was threatened to keep silent. Let this woman speak her truth. If Trump is punished for, that’s just a bonus. But let’s not ignore the misogynistic comments against her due to her profession in sex work.  
  • He’s also trying to ban trans people from joining the military. He is claiming the need for “substantial” medical treatment disqualifies them. I guess he doesn’t know that not all trans people want to medically transition. And the cost of these treatments is incredibly low compared to the rest of the military budget. But go off, sis.
  • He wants to use the death penalty to “keep the damn drugs out” in reference to the opioid epidemic. Okay, deep breath, let’s unpack this. First, women are more likely to suffer from the opioid crisis than men. Second, this will absolutely affect people of color disproportionately. All carceral measures do. Third, he thinks that opioids are mostly coming from Mexico and ignoring the root of the problem which involves the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and how doctors over prescribe opioids for pain relief.


3. Mississippi’s governor just signed a ban on abortions after 15 weeks INCLUDING cases of incest and rape. Note that Mississippi only has ONE abortion clinic in the whole state, and MS has the highest infant mortality rate in the country. The abortion clinic is planning to sue, so keep looking out for updates.

4. Let’s end on a good note. Margot Robbie is producing a female-led Shakespearean drama series on ABC! It’s going to take the classic plays and give the female perspective. I’m excited for this 10 part series, but I know I’m going to binge it in one day and not savor it.


Now you’re all caught up! Check back in later this week for my regular blog posts, and look out for more stories diving deeper into these topics. Until then, binge your favorite feminist show, in solidarity.

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