Five Intersectional Podcasts You Should Be Listening To.


I don’t know about y’all, but I am always on the hunt for a new podcast to listen to on my morning commute, one that isn’t stagnant or boring, something that makes me laugh while also making me think. Here are five Podcasts that I wholeheartedly recommend to you to fuel your inner intersectional feminist agenda:

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Code Switch: This NPR podcast is a collaboration between seven journalists of color who are trying to decode and examine race, ethnicity, culture, and how complex identities interact with one another in America. Their first episode goes a little something like: “Whiteness is everywhere and invisible all at once. So, trying to put your hands around it is like trying to hold on to air.”

Source: Public Domain Pictures

Black Girls Talking: This podcast champions four Black women, Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou, who come together and talk all things pop culture – fashion, brunch, and sexually transmitted infections. Here’s a taste of their uncensored casual conversations about big breasts: “I don’t have to announce them usually. They. Announce. Themselves!”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Another Round: In this Buzzfeed podcast, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover American race relations and pop culture while downing shots of liquor. This podcast is frequented with guest speakers such as Janet Mock, Kelly Rowland, and Susan Rice. From literacy to Black hair wisdom to “the struggle that brown people and girls know all too well growing up – and that is reading stories exclusively about white boys and their dogs.”


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Call Your Girlfriend: This podcast, “for long-distance besties everywhere,” lets you listen in as two best friends, Aminatou and Ann, who are separated by geographic location, real-talk each other over the phone on all things real life – from workplace drama to heavy flowing menstrual cycles. When chatting about this endless news cycle in modern America, their conversation is as follows: “I went to the spa for like four phone-less hours yesterday and still felt overwhelmed when I checked it.” “And the government had crumbled. We had pledged allegiance to Russia and the government crumbled and all  you did was get a body scrub.”

Source: Abhi Sharma, Flickr

The Back Talk: Writer Brit Julious hosts, directs, and edits this series in which she powerfully reads pieces, such as stories and poems, all written and submitted by everyday American women of color. A snippet of one of those submitted pieces reads: “I am connected to other Black women, real or fictionalized, who exist as I exist as complete being worthy of love and praise and compassion. We are not the same but we face similar things from one world.”

For those of you who follow and listen to any of these recommendations, what do you think – are they worth the listen? What else are you folks listening to these days? Do you have any other suggestions for me to fulfill my daily feminist needs? Let me know in the comments section below!

Feature Image Source:Patrick Breitenbach, Flickr

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