Valentine’s Day: A Pros and Cons List

My first thought for a Valentine’s Day post was just a pure rant. Valentine’s Day is a day that I haven’t really cared about since elementary school when there were classroom parties and we all got candy. But I feel like there’s enough of that (such as this one, or this other one) so then i decided I would talk about good ways to think about and celebrate Valentine’s Day. But then I decided that I did still need to rant a little bit, so a pros and cons list it is.

Cons of Valentine’s Day

1. The concept that in order to be successful, people, especially women, need to be in a romantic relationship. Without it, we as humans are not complete. Individuals who are aromantic and people who are content being single at the moment can then feel pressured to be in a relationship, or as if their lives are insufficient.

2. Valentine’s Day continues to be exceedingly heteronormative. All the ads we see consist of a man and a woman giggling together and frolicking about. And on the note of ads, they also focus on what the man has to buy or do for his girlfriend/wife in order to please her. The idea of romance is something that only women appreciate, and men must go along with it in order to keep their women happy and content.

3. For those who may have just gotten out of a relationship, the day can be especially painful. They are still healing, especially if it was a bad break up, and seeing all the mushy posts on Facebook, happy ads, and romantic movies playing on TV can make it harder than it already is.

4. Commercialization….enough said…

Pros of Valentine’s Day

1. Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love. If we focus more on all love, it’s a good chance to appreciate all of the people in our lives. Similarly to Parks and Recreation’s Galentine’s Day (thank you Leslie Knope), or as I prefer, Palentine’s Day, we can show our friends how important they are to us. We can also take time to celebrate the love we have for our family.

2. For people who are in a romantic relationship, it is also a good time to appreciate a significant other, just as it’s a good time to appreciate family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the day and being lovey together. It can give you a chance to think about the aspects you might take for granted in the relationship most of the time. It’s nice to recognize and celebrate the relationship every once in a while, and Valentine’s Day certainly gives us that opportunity.

3. Cheap candy. Just wait another day and no matter who you are or how you feel about Valentine’s Day, you can buy discount candy of any kind. Honestly this is my favorite part of the whole ordeal. If you are feeling down about the day, you can drown your sorrows in chocolates, and if you enjoy the day or don’t care about it, who doesn’t love having a piece of candy every now and again?

So, whether you feel the need to rant or you’re excited to have a date with your significant other, have a happy Valentine’s Day and do whatever you need to do to enjoy it!

Featured Image: Laura Blankenship, flickr

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