Newsroom Round Up!

This is a recap of the ShoutOut! Newsroom this week!

Hilary Clinton Fights for Women in a Trump America

At a women’s empowerment conference Monday, Hillary Clinton tells women to “dare greatly and lead boldly.” She persists to say that “Despite all of the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female. Although Trump is President, she still fights for women’s rights and encourages female empowerment. The Christian Science Monitor notes that since this presidential election, many women have signed up for political training programs in hopes of being more involved in politics.

Birth Control Issues

Hannah Baxter noted how several insurance companies are ignoring parts of the Affordable Care Act that require FDA-approved birth control medications to be paid for completely by insurance. In response, the federal government told health insurance companies that they must pay. Women have the right to free birth control if it is FDA approved. If the medication is not covered and is necessary for their health, the women should fight their insurance. If the insurance companies do not listen then legal action may be necessary.

Sexist Subway Ads

The Metropolitan Transport Authority released emails from men who are offended by the “Courtesy Counts” etiquette campaign. The campaign consists of posting faceless male stick figures in metros, asking male commuters to stop taking up two seats by spreading out their legs, known as “manspreading.” Some males claim these advertisements are sexist and “anti-male.” Some of the men have responded to the messages by emailing MTA asking why “Purse Seating” is not mentioned. The men who are the most upset about this must be the ones taking up all of the room.

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