Self Care Activities to Help You Survive Thanksgiving

In response to American holiday, Thanksgiving, I figured everyone will need to take time to relax – and forget the awful comments their friends and family will undoubtedly make this week.

I am going to recommend some activities and songs to help create a safe space for yourself this week.

1. Fall Cleaning

  • Forget spring cleaning – get rid of anything and everything you wouldn’t save during a fire. Speaking of fire, if it’s made out of wood or paper, why not start a nice warm bonfire and throw your unwanted clutter in there!
  • Cleaning helps release pent up emotions and declutters the mind at the same time. This includes throwing out old magazines, unfinished art projects, socks missing their partners, and shoes you haven’t worn in over a year.
  • While you’re at it, find any unwanted long sleeve shirts or blankets and donate them, because it’s starting to get cold!

2. Jamming out to Music

3. Tipsy Painting

  • Break out the wine or sparkling cider and paint “flattering” images of people who have been rude OR paint glamorous images of you in your favorite place.
  • If you are feeling bold, show off these pictures at the dinner table.
  • In a safe setting, while sober, set the paintings on fire and feel the frustration melt away!

4. Screaming

  • Go outside or stick your face in a pillow, and scream your heart out – it’s cathartic.
  • Bonus points if you imitate animal noises instead.
  • Don’t forget to scream from your diaphragm – it helps your voice sound louder, and will save your vocal chords some pain from the scream session.

5. Baking Everything

  • Go to the store and impulse buy a bunch of yummy ingredients, and see what fun recipes you can concoct in the kitchen.
  • Eat the results.
  • If you’re feeling thankful, maybe even share the food.
  • Pat yourself on the back for being you (aka awesome).
  • ALTERNATIVE: Fry everything you can find in batter (including your annoying Uncle’s car keys!)

6. Stretching

  • Release all your built up tension by stretching it out.
  • Practice yoga, or even lead a family yoga session in the living room!

Let me know if any of these techniques help you survive your week! If you have any other suggestions, please comment below, for the benefit of other readers! 🙂

Featured image by Moyan Brenn on Flickr, CC.

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