Why Events Like Project Condom are Important


Last night, the JMU Feminist Collective hosted Project Condom (like Project Runway) at Grafton-Stovall Theatre. The event consisted of trivia, games, and a fashion show. The fashion show involved Madison Equality, REACH, and the Sociology Club in addition to the Feminist Collective displaying costumes they’d fashioned out of at least 80% condoms (donated by ONE Condoms). The purpose of the event was to encourage open and engaging conversation about safe sex and sex positivity.

One trivia question asked, “What percent of women reach orgasm from penetrative sex alone?” The answer was 30%. One of the games involved 2 participants racing to put a male condom on a toy penis using the proper technique. During the fashion show, a model from each club strutted their stuff across the stage to show off their condom creation.


All of these activities, while light-hearted and amusing, managed to successfully encourage an openness in talking about something that is too often considered to be a taboo topic: sex. And encouraging that conversation not only strengthens the likelihood of practicing safe sex, but also encourages a healthy, positive way of thinking/talking about sex– AKA, sex positivity.

Sex positivity can be misunderstood as the simple act of enjoying sex, when in reality sex positivity encompasses much more than that. Sex positivity advocates for thorough sex education. It respects that there is no right way to “do sex” and that sexuality comes in many forms. Those who think and behave sex positively understand and respect an individuals power to self-define their sexuality. And importantly, the concept of sex positivity is in NO way assuming that everybody enjoys sex. A lack of sexual interest can also exist, and still be sex positive. Sex positivity is unassuming, nonjudgemental, and it’s for everyone.
We can and should be talking about sex, and that’s what Project Condom promotes. Thanks, Feminist Collective, for not only encouraging open discussion of safe sex and sex positivity, but also becoming a venue for discussion right here at JMU.



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2 thoughts on “Why Events Like Project Condom are Important

  1. What an interesting event! The costumes are quite ingenious, and I”m sure it made for some good laughs. I remember in middle school how even saying the word “sex” was such a vulgar thing. Everything it was said it was said in a hushed voice. It could have been the age, it could have also been a cultural and generational thing. But sex is a completely natural thing. It should be talked about as such. I think it is great that there are organizations and other groups on campus on board talking about sex positivity. Thanks for sharing!


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