Some People Need Time. Some People Need A LOT of Time.

I am so pissed off.

Okay. So hopefully you all read my post from last week, Building Community. Because today we are going to talk about the uneducated assholes of the world. One in particular who basically does the exact opposite of everything I talked about.

So don’t get me wrong, I am not against people who are religious or people who hold their faith near and dear to their hearts. However I am against individuals who use it to be bigoted and hypocritical.

I recently met someone from Liberty University.  He identified as a gay man. So it was interesting to me that he held religion so closely to his heart and that he identified as politically conservative. I was still open to getting to know him, and wanted to see how he viewed the world, since he did have a unique perspective.

Yeah. It just made me really angry.mouth shouting

First off he told me that he still thinks men should be the head of the house hold. A gay man told me that he thinks men should be the head of the house hold? First off, your future means two men, secondly are you talking on a subject that you will literally never have a say in? I hate that. That’s like old white cisgender men talking about women’s reproductive rights. Stop talking! I really wanted to hear his insight on to why this was a thing, and all he could tell me is that men and women are physiological different. Why does that mean anything? He eventually broke and told me he only believes that men should be the head of the household because that’s what the Bible says. I am agnostic. Don’t make that argument with me, it’s not valid!

Secondly he’s gay, but transphobic. He believes in gay marriage, but believes that there is a gender binary being that only female and male exist. This is why I brought up my post on community. How can you build up a community that your identity is a part of, but tear down and belittle the other identities? What kind of bullshit is this?

He also told me he didn’t understand the concept of community to begin with. He kept putting it in quotation marks, and told me that he doesn’t understand why LGBT individuals can’t just be “people”. Okay. So when does being a part of a community make you less of a person? What the hell! Stop using quotation marks!

Lastly. We got into an argument about the basis of feminism. He still believes that the patriarchy is doing good, like he wants it to keep on truckin’.

He’s totally right. Who cares about the gender gap, institutionalized racism, or men just overall not thinking women are equal?
I honestly just can’t believe people who identify somewhere on the Queer spectrum, or are a part of any minority group can be so stupid.

It’s just so hypocritical to me that you can be for gay marriage (also news flash to this boy, that’s just the beginning of what needs to be accomplished) because that is a part of your identity, but then not care whatsoever for the people in the community that are still struggling.

I really tried educating him, but ended up just screaming at him. Lesson learned sometimes you just can’t get through to people no matter how hard you try. Some people just need time to get over their bigoted egotistical hypocrisy.


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