Facebook does NOT make you an Ally

Before I begin, I want to say that on Friday, November 13th, the world experienced many tragedies. For that, I keep the world in my thoughts. This post is directed much more at the users of social media.

As I’m sure all of you have seen, there is a new Facebook filter available to show your support for France, and to create solitude for the lives that were lost that day.




To create some dialogue, I want to outright say that I disagree with the idea of having some kind of filter to support France. I disagree with this for multiple reasons:

1. When some people change their profile picture to add the French flag to it, they are assuming they are allies. In my opinion, Facebook and other forms of social media don’t make you an ally. Just because you decide to join the trend and add to your picture, doesn’t effect anything in my opinion.

2. By doing this, we are completely mitigating and  neglecting all the other tragedies that happened the same thing. In the past week, I have probably seen over 50 different articles/ videos/ other forms of media on my facebook wall about France. Yes, this is not a bad thing, but it is when you take the time to realize what else happened within 24 hours of the terrorist attacks on Paris.

All within 24 hours of this day, so many more countries than just Paris had losses. Japan had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit. Iraq had multiple bombings from ISIS, one involving a memorial service bombing. Beirut had suicide bombings the night before on Thursday, November 12th. Mexico experienced a 4.3 magnitude earthquake directly to Baja California, Mexico.

As you can clearly see, the world lost many lives last week, and that is just of the tragedies I have done research on. But what makes one more important than the other? Why do we take the time to focus on Paris so much that we don’t even look or seem to care about the other tragedies around the world?

What’s interesting is the amount of public attention you see. When you get on twitter and search #prayforparis you can see many different tweets, many of which standing in solidarity with France.

The part of all this that makes me so angry is when Kenya had a school shooting that killed 147 students back on April 2nd, they got no attention in the media. I just don’t understand why people would just accept those deaths and not make a big deal out of it, but as soon as it’s a country that we have different opinions on, we are extremely concerned.

I don’t think you can sincerely care about Paris and still be a good ally to the world if you aren’t willing to recognize and support other tragedies around the world. Everyone is a person in this world, and to value a life over another, just because of the country they live, disgusts me.

I strongly implore you to think about how you are being an ally to the world. If you do have the Facebook filter, do you still think you should?



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