The Journey

Hey friends today we are going to do a little bit of a #TBT which is excellent because it is actually Thursday (I have a problem with saying #TBT when it isn’t Thursday). We are going to talk about how I was a terrible feminist prior to college, and how I was still a bad […]

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Are You Kidding? White Student Unions?

Okay. I’m about to brief you on some real bullshit. Recently White Student Unions have been appearing all over the nation. One of the first seemed to have originated in MIzzou. As you may know Mizzou and Yale have had a lot of racial tensions within their universities recently. There even have been a multitude of death threats on yik […]

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Building Community

Community is very important. It’s very important to me, and to any individual that identifies within a marginalized group. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA+ Conference, “Queering Our World” at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It was amazing. There were Queer identified individuals from all across the east coast. It […]

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Let’s gain some perspective

The United States isn’t all bad when it comes to gender issues. Yeah. That’s a brave statement. I know. And up until like two days ago I would have been beyond angry to hear anyone echo these words. Well, per usual, my Gender and Justice class gave me some perspective. Disclaimer before we even begin: […]

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Let’s start this off by saying I’m a very politically skeptical person. I am a global justice major, and tend to be very politically involved. I definitely find myself typically aligned with my friends, but won’t formulate an opinion unless I’ve educated myself on the person or event myself. Who would of thought the most […]

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