Spotify Playlists: Empowering Women One Song at a Time!

Do any of you out there use the (amazing) music application Spotify? Well I do and I’m slightly (okay, very) obsessed. I just became a Campus Influencer for Spotify here at JMU and while I was thinking of potential events and organizations on campus that I could partner with, it got me thinking about ShoutOut! JMU and what Spotify could do to help with consciousness raising. What I discovered was that they are already making strides, we as users just need to get involved!

 recently posted her Top Ten Girl Power Anthems and this inspired me to see if there were any feminist/girl power playlists on Spotify. The results were amazing. You can literally search “girl power,” “empowerment” and “feminist anthems” and find some pre-made playlists to get you feeling empowered! This got me extremely excited and, of course, I just had to make my own entitled “Badass Feminist Jams!” (which you should totally follow).

The cool thing is that any user can create these playlists (for free!) and you can even make them collaborative if you want. That means that anyone, yes anyone, can add to the playlist! To me, this is basically just a musical version of consciousness raising. It’s like saying “Hey this song made me feel empowered when I was feeling like the world was against me, hope it helps you too!” And well, I think that’s just fantastic. I also found myself looking at playlists and analyzing songs that they had placed in them. Asking myself “Why did they consider this song feminist or empowering?” was a really great exercise because it helped me see other perspectives and other types of feminism.

We often use music to connect with different groups of people. A music festival, for example, provides an opportunity to listen to great music, meet amazing people and create long lasting bonds. These playlists could be a similar way to connect with other people (globally!) who see the world through a feminist lens. I think that these empowering playlists could help bridge the many gaps in feminism. Race, socioeconomic status, geographical location, sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. wouldn’t matter since you know nothing about the Spotify users other than their music choice. Therefore, there’s no real room for discriminating within the playlists. They’re simply a safe place for people to express themselves and connect with others who express themselves in a similar way. Technology is amazing.

I really encourage you to create your own feminist playlist because…well it’s awesome. When you’re making it you feel empowered and when it’s done you have the perfect playlist to get you pumped for taking on the world! You can also share your playlist on all of your social media if you’re proud of it 🙂 If we all create these playlists we could literally start a movement! I think it would be so cool to be able to type “feminist” into the search bar and find 100+ playlists…rather than the few that currently pop up. Technology puts the power in our hands, so lets take advantage of that power!

Let me know your thoughts on these playlists, Spotify and empowering music in general!

3 thoughts on “Spotify Playlists: Empowering Women One Song at a Time!

  1. Ahh this is so great! I’m definitely going to have to check out these playlists that you’re talking about! Also, your interpretation on how music can be a way to raise consciousness is really intriguing and could totally be explored further.


    1. Please do! Follow mine, I’ll follow yours back 😉 And thank you! I thought so too, I think it could be like…consciousness raising for the modern mediated world haha


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