Don’t Stare at My Butt!!!

*Disclaimer: Video Contains Crude Language*

So I was browsing through Facebook the other day when I found a video that caught my eye. The title read “Dude In Yoga Pants Catches Guys Staring at His Butt.” (link) I have to say I was intrigued because as a woman, who loves wearing leggings/yoga pants, I sometimes catch guys staring at my butt (what little there is anyway). I thought to myself, wow! A guy finally had the same experience. Perhaps he too felt violated and annoyed that a random guy would look at his prized possession. As I started the video, I realized it was much more than a guy complaining about his butt being looked at…

Don't Stare at This!!!

The video starts off with the actor looking in his trunk to retrieve an object. As he is leaning over, he makes sure to keep an eye out for other men passing behind him. His butt is clearly out as he bends over and it is quite noticeable from the tight pants that he is wearing. The first guy to come by stares quite blatantly at his behind. The actor turns swiftly and asks the guy if he was checking out his butt. The guy is so stunned and shocked that the actor was not a woman that he takes a second to recover and quickly says “naw man.” He denies even looking at his butt which was definitely a lie as seen by the video camera capturing his wandering eyes. The video continues with this happening over and over but with different men looking at the actor.

The reactions of these guys were priceless. Some of them were cool about it and stated they thought the actor was a girl and tried to walk away shyly. Others however, were not as chill about the situation. A few grew very defensive and angry at their own failure to recognize the actor was in fact a man. They turned their embarrassment into anger and some even tried to fight the actor. I found this very interesting in that the guys could not take the fact that they were a little embarrassed or had made a mistake. The mistake challenged their sexuality which was more than they could bear.

They had to turn to anger which is a more acceptable emotion in today’s society for men to show. It is not masculine to be embarrassed or upset in front of other people. It is masculine to try and beat up another person, or to raise your voice in anger. Those who could not admit to mistaking a guy butt for a girl butt had to show how masculine they were by flipping out on the actor, cussing at him, belittling him, and trying to hurt him.

Dont Stare At Me, It's Rude

The fact that men have to show off how much of a man they are by acting like they are going to start a fight is a sad reality. The actor was of course baiting them and asking over and over why they looked at his butt, but the reactions some of these men had were ridiculous. Women deal with this type of scenario every day. (Which is another sad fact.) Finally, someone challenged these men and asked why they felt the need to stare at someone else’s butt, guy or girl. It is also interesting to notice that women who get stared at on a daily basis do not act the same way as this actor. Most barely stand up for themselves and attempt to ignore the stares. It is not safe for women to react the way the actor did, hell it was even unsafe for the actor and he’s a guy!!! Unfortunately, most women are just left feeling violated. Men have to feel a sort of power over staring at a woman, knowing they can’t do anything about it. This video brings up many issues about gender and while it is also kind of funny, it shows just how much men need to be masculine and what women go through for them to feel that way.

What do you all think of these reactions? Have you ever noticed your butt was getting some curious looks? How did you feel?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Stare at My Butt!!!

  1. I actually really enjoyed this… as soon as he questioned their masculinity they all FREAKED out. It just goes to show how in a “role” that feels normal to gaze at someone’s figure, confrontation leads to hostility and confusion. Mostly hostility. I always knew male gaze was bad, but this video puts a ‘humorous’ spin while showing how toxic/intrusive it really is.


  2. Thank you deltatheory! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know when I first saw this I was laughing and thinking about how funny the actor was. Then as I kept watching the feminist inside me realized it was something more than just a humorous video. I hope more people that watch this will realize the ridiculousness in some of the guys reactions.


  3. I love this video! It is so enlightening about the heterosexual male dynamic. The scenario that plays out holds so many implications. I think your analysis of the behavior shown by the male “gazers” hit the nail right on the head.


    1. Thank you for the comment! Yea it’s interesting because I know a couple years ago I never would have thought of those implications. I’m so glad I do now because it is really important to realize.


  4. I’ve seen this video and I thought it was pretty funny! It just goes to show the daily life issues that women have to go through, and it’s absolutely ridiculous! I like how you bring up how angry men get when their sexuality was threatened, it shows the homophobic atmosphere that our society has created. The only thing that I wish was different in this video was the guy making some sort of commentary about the reactions, he does it all as a joke and gets a lot of laughs but this is a serious issue that women have to face each day and I just wish he spoke to that affect a little bit. Nice post!


    1. That is very true! I thought that as I was watching it and wished that it had more of a serious tone to it. It would have been awesome if the guy acknowledged why these men were reacting the way they were. It would have made a huge impact because he would be a great ally as a male!


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