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Sunday Night Spotlight

Bringing you the best in feminist news from the past week!

MyManifesta wants to share this awesome resource from The STD Project. For anyone living with an STD or anyone who wants to learn more about them, this site has it all – even resources to help deal with fighting the stigma and talking to your partner.

mscherhorowitz found this article which sheds light on the self-determination Olympic athletes must have simply in order to have the proper resources to train and survive. Many people aren’t aware that Olympians do not get paid the same as other professional athletes, and they are very reliant on sponsorships for money. The article also talks about what some of these amazing athletes are doing to give back.

YourKnightinShiningTutu read this in-depth and eye opening anti-homophobic and transphobic blog entry and thinks you should too! Read first-hand accounts and opinions of Mary Grigg’s experiences with discrimination and social privileges.

Ladylikesailormouth found this awesome infographic that compares women’s rights from countries across the world. This is an awesome way to see globally what progress we have made and where we still need to go.

SarahStar77 thinks you should check out the following article form Jezebel.  There is a new app in town from Time Magazine that is not so nice and has come out just for Valentine’s Day.  The app looks at all your Facebook friends and when they get married and calculates to the exact day what time you should be married by. What if you don’t want to get married? Food for thought.

ImagineHerStory wants you to check out this article, regarding a backwards piece of legislation that just got passed in Kansas.  It provides a “shield of protection” for people who feel their religious beliefs are infringed upon by homosexuals…yes, you read that correctly.

Ladychaotica21 wants you to check out this read from Jezebel, reporting that once again on the New York runways, white face trumps true diversity during fashion week.

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