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Quick Hit: Degrassi Goes Feminist

So if you know me beyond my handle, then you know that I’m obsessed with a little Canandian show entitled, Degrassi. Degrassi has been running since the 80s and me being the crazy fan I am has watched every single episode. Degrassi has conquered many issues, rape culture, homophobia, trans issues… etc, but this past episode of Degrassi has really impressed this feminist. You’re probably thinking to yourself, Degrassi is still on? Yes, Degrassi is still a thing and the recent episode is in my opinion, pretty progressive.

So here’s a quick summary of the episode, so you can understand what I am talking about. There’s this character named Imogen, who woke up to class late and came to class not wearing a bra under her shirt. Imogen had to give a presentation, and a male in the class made a rude comment about the incident. The teacher, who is a female, made her go back home to put on a bra. For one, I didn’t believe that her not wearing a bra was distracting to the class, it was just that one jerk who decided to make a comment on the matter.

Imogen decided that this was really messed up, so she looked into the dress code to see if there was anything about wearing a bra, and there was not a specific ruling on this case. Imogen tried to talk to her principle about this and he was not on her side. Imogen further looked into the dress code and started to realize that all the rules related to women only and she thinks the dress code is completely sexist. With this realization she starts to form a movement.  Imogen is part of the broadcast show for Degrassi and decides to air a new segment, she proposes that to protest this sexist dress code that the women should wear their bras. The catch is that the bras will be worn outside of their shirts and I thought this was just so brilliant. Other women in the school followed her proposition, but when the principle saw this movement in action, he took away Imogen’s broadcasting rights. On one hand I’m proud of Imogen, but I question where is this movement going to go now.

Want to figure out what happens? Degrassi is on Teennick every Tuesday night. You can also watch it on the website,, the day after!


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