#QuickHit: Using Feminism to Leverage Marketing Strategies

Is there a tension in using your purchasing power to buy your feminism?  Check out this article to find out what researchers are saying.  Below is a fascinating snippet from the post: Examples of “radically literal feminism” and “sexism-positive feminism” include GoDaddy’s Superbowl commercial, which features a female bodybuilder, and Snickers’ complimentary harassment commercial, respectively. Some beauty […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

As out semester draws to a close, be sure to tune in for our last spotlight “hoorah.” As a fan of Audrey Hepburn, YourKnightinShiningTutu loved reading this article about her “hidden feminism” and how she actually did stand for more than simply style and fashion and implores you to likewise give this article on “The […]

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Why I’m boycotting Beyonce

As a feminist, I’m always stoked to learn of artists who use their publicity to leverage a pro-feminist agenda. With the release of Beyonce’s latest album, I was initially thrilled. Not only has this strong, independent, sassy, classy lady already proven herself to be a badass role model—her latest album has strong feminist overtones. The […]

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Quick Hit: Cosmo says plus-sized, I say get your eyes checked.

So, in the mainstream media’s latest “What the Fuck” move, Cosmopolitan heralds this model for “looking good”–for a plus-sized gal:Say it with me:  “What. the. actual. fuck.”  Repeat.  This is NOT progress.  Calling a woman this size “plus sized” is beyond inaccurate.  It’s offensive.  It only reinforces unacceptable standards of beauty.  See the full photo […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out our feminist picks of the week! Xenawarriorprincess found this article, which demonstrates how studies have shown more women are taking action in their sex lives versus past generations. “Maybe we should change that one line: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage” to something more real, like: “Thanks, contraceptives. […]

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SHARP: Army Strong?

**TRIGGER WARNING:  Discussion of Sexual Assault** In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it’s quite common to see company-endorsed public service announcements tackling the issue of sexual assault this month. This past week, I had some business to take care of on an Army post, and I noticed the United States’ Army’s efforts to take […]

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Quick Hit: #NoMore

If you know anything about me, you know I’m obsessed with Law and Order:  Special Victims Unit.  I watch it every day.  In fact, right now I’m sick on my mom’s couch, and I’m on Cloud Nine because USA is hosting an SVU marathon today. This one is more than a marathon.  It’s the #NoMore […]

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Sunday Night Spotlight

Covering Dove’s and Veet’s terrible marketing strategies, femme invisibility, selfies, and more.  Check out what our bloggers want YOU to read this fine Sunday evening! Bestlittlelion92:   Kirsten Dunst is “bringing it on” in her latest comments talking about gender and the absence of femininity. Cpowell92 is horrified at some of these attempts at a selfie. […]

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