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Struggle with Faith and Feminism

Yesterday, my roommate and I went to a local church here in Harrisonburg. All the people were super nice and it was great, but I found myself questioning or not agreeing with what was being said. So, I’m thinking there has to be some kind of medium for me. I would like to believe I am a feminist but also religious. Is it possible to be both??

Obviously, most religions are centered around the patriarchal system. They don’t believe in marriage for all, having children out of wedlock, or reproductive rights, or the socially or politically-mandated roles of women in the family; which are all things that I question as a feminist.Faith and Feminism


So, I went and started searching on the internet about feminism and religion. Here’s usually the 3 things that feminist accept:

  1. Come to a personal conclusion that what you consider the fundamental tenants of a religion are compatible with your own world view even as the way they’ve been misinterpreted by the leaders of the religion isn’t.
  2. Rejection of organized religion, a movement toward so-called “spirituality,” which is seemingly defined by an amorphous belief that there’s something out there that you believe in and try to live your life by.
  3. Rejection of the existence of God.

When it comes to faith, everyone has a personal journey, and a personal decision. I
do understand writing about religion can be touchy, but personally dealing with
this and being fairly new to feminism, networking with other feminist is very
helpful. Many of the goals of the feminist movement are in opposition to the
current interpretations of God’s wishes is not an argument that feminism and a
belief in God are incompatible; It might be an argument that a particular
religion is incompatible. I personally, will always believe in God. I however
don’t agree with all things being preached though. If you’re a feminist and
religious please comment on how you adjust or how you think feminism and
religion can be compatible.

4 Responses to “Struggle with Faith and Feminism”

  1. Alex M

    Thanks for your article. It is great that you have strong faith in God and are trying to reconcile that with your feminist views. One thing that has really helped me has been to look for the things that I do agree with in a particular church and then work on exercising faith to understand the things I don’t agree with at first. For instance, one thing that I look for is all of the ways that Christ taught us about gender equality. One of my friends, Martha wrote an article about this and you can find it here Seeing this has helped me to have the faith to continue to learn more about Christ and to come closer to Him. Please give this a look and I hope that it helps you. Let me know what you think and I wish you luck on your spiritual journey!


    • steeleba

      @Alex M. Thanks for commenting! I agree, looking for things you agree with in Faith is helpful. Also thanks for sharing your friend’s article. I like the idea that Jesus was a feminist too 🙂


      • Xenawarriorprincess

        I myself seem to struggle with the same thing and great job for bringing such a touchy subject up. I am a Christian and when first starting to identify as a feminist, I questioned also if the two went together and still sometimes do. However, the way I look at it is that the fundamentals Christianity promotes are love and forgiveness; these two things in my eyes, do not adhere to gender or sex. God put us on Earth and created two sexes for a reason, and I also believe that both are held in the same light and are looked at on the same level by God. Also referring to the above comment with the link, I too believe Christ empowered women and continues to in today’s world. A book that I plan on reading is called “Jesus Feminist” and I hope it will enhance my beliefs that Christianity and feminism do adhere with one another, and I recommend you reading it also 🙂


        • steeleba

          Thank you for commenting. I totally agree that there are two sexes for a reason. And that we are equal under God. I will definitely look into that book, sounds like just what I need when struggling with faith and feminism.



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