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Chelsea Handler Why We Need More “Raunchy” Women Comedians: Part One

Trigger Warning: If you do not like comedians who swear and make fun of everyone and everything don’t read this.

Have you heard of Chelsea Handler? Most people know of her but not everyone. But its obvious that Miss Handler is famous as she had her own portfolio in Time Magazine. Needless to say, she is my favorite comedians of all time, and I have seen her live. Sure Chelsea Handler may be crass, when she makes fun of people of all creeds, disabilities, and backgrounds, but she is simply just joking. She has stated that, ‘I try to make fun of everyone as often as possible, especially minorities.’ Everyone is fair game including Chelsea Handler herself, and to top if off she makes fun of herself the most. I know most people are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler fans as they are more likeable and not as “raunchy,” a term that is used to describe Chelsea Handler quite frequently. But I think that if a woman comedian wants to be raunchy then she should be raunchy. I am doing a two-part blog on Miss Handler and how more women need to be in the world of comedy and that its okay for women to be “raunchy.”



Chelsea Handler tells it like it is and I applaud her bluntness. I know many people argue that Miss Handler’s material is all about her one-night stands and alcoholic inspired endeavors, but she makes fun of people who are ignorant quite frequently such as racists and homophobic individuals as well. Miss Handler also has an empire of four books that have sold in the millions, is a producer for several shows on the E! Network, and has had three of her own television shows, one being her late night talk show, Chelsea Lately. Besides Chelsea Handler there are only a few other female comedians who are blunt in their comedy such as Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin. I know there are less “raunchy comedians” such as Mindy Lahari, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey, but still why should women have to steer away from vulgar comedy? I really wish there were a lot more female comedians out there in general.


Another aspect that is unsettling about Miss Handler to many people is that she has a big potty mouth. She loves to say a lot of four letter words, but to some people it is offensive that a woman swears. I think female comedians should swear, so what if it’s “not lady like.” A lot of comedy is funny because of profanity. So why can guy comedians swear and it’s unsettling for a women to? Next week stay tuned for other reasons why people are not fond of Ms. Handler’s comedy, but would find her work perfectly acceptable if it were coming from a man. In addition I will address what Chelsea Handler thinks about in regards to people referring to her comedy as “raunchy” and that she should also be a woman to look up to not just for her humor but for her charity and gay rights activism.














3 Responses to “Chelsea Handler Why We Need More “Raunchy” Women Comedians: Part One”

  1. ChelleBelle

    I love Chelsea!! I love her books, her show, and her sass all equally. I think there is truly something to be said about the fact that she has made it so far while not compromising who she is…a loud hilarious person who doesn’t hold back. I also love that she embraces the term “slut” and is open about her sex life. Not a lot of women in her position would be strong enough to do that.


    • SarahStar77

      ChelleBelle thank you for reading. I completely agree with you. I am so happy that she is open about her sex life and just does not care about what anyone thinks about her. There should be nothing wrong with being promiscuous. Everyone needs to carry such a attitude and should be happy with who they are. I think there is a huge double standard as when men talk about their sex life in comedy it is viewed to be normal but when Chelsea does it takes many people aback both men and women. Do you feel this way too? Anyways I have seen her live and she truly does not hold back as she does on the air. It is so nice to know I am not her only fan at JMU.



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