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Sunday Night Spotlight

Bringing you the best in feminist news for your reading pleasure!

Redheadfemme found an article on Feministing about Scotland’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage!

Bestlittlelion92 asks, “Could Barbie be more feminist then you think? Check out Time’s opinion on the matter!”

ChelleBelle found a great article exploring veteran unemployment rates. The article talks about how there’s some gender inequality at play here too!

ChelleBelle and Ladychaotica21 also want to share this post, which talks about some serious human rights issues that are surrounding the Olympic Games in Sochi. Great eye opening article that might make you reconsider watching.

Sannleika is excited about NARAL Pro-Choice America‘s upcoming Google+ Hangout discussion on Monday. We can all tune in on February 10th at 2pm to chat with NARAL President Ilyse Hogue about pro-choice issues and where we’re headed in 2014!

Spongebobbloggerpants encourages you to read this Buzzfeed article about a Tumblr user’s powerful art project. It is simply inspiring

cpowell92 feels disturbed by this recent blog about intimate partner violence. It is sad how some power men feel over women can lead to violence.

Lfleetwood wants you to check out this article from Buzzfeed about rape culture. The overview is a long read, but worth every word.

Xenawarriorprincess shared this article, which just goes to show that the objectification of women reaches every corner in the nation, in the most bizarre and ridiculous ways. It also continues to fuel discussion of how and why women are viewed differently than men; simply because of things like this.

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