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Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out our bloggers’ top reading picks of the week!

Tohellwithsugarandspice and SarahStar77 feel that for this week in feminism an important highlight was that Jewel a junior in college from Virginia has started a petition to have Disney create a plus size “Disney Princess.” They think this is important as all of Disney’s princesses have the same body type. The reality is that everyone comes in a different shape and different size. If Disney just introduced for the first time a lesbian couple on one of its primetime shows, a plus size Disney Princess is sure to be on her way.

mscherhorowitz found an interesting article from GuerillaFem titled “Bow Down, Macklemore: Why ‘Same Love’ Is Not My Queer Anthem” and thinks that although the author is a bit too harsh on Macklemore (he’s actually acknowledged his privileged status in several interviews), she makes some valid criticisms of his career. Plus, who doesn’t feel empowered by Beyonce?

MyManifestA really enjoyed this visual look at how comics have shaped gender diversity and roles over the years. It’s part of a funny installment called “Don’t’ be a Dick.” A comic about comics. The industry wasn’t always male dominated.

Ladylikesailormouth is pretty peeved that the Oakland Raiders have more restrictions for their cheerleaders involving sexual assault and unwanted attention, but don’t seem to care about what their players do. Check out what sexism is included in the Raiderette cheerleader’s handbook.

YourKnightinShiningTutu thinks you should check out this wonderfully inspiring article about body image and Marie Claire Australia’s giant steps in the right direction of body-empowerment in advertising.

Who’s ready for Super Bowl Sunday?? So while everyone is on there couch on the edge of their seat waiting to see if the Seahawks or the Broncos are going to be Super Bowl champs, think about this: Super Bowl is the #1 time in the United States for sex trafficking. Check out this link that steeleba found that blew her mind.

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