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Disney’s First Gay Couple

Okay so everyone is talking about something kind of monumental: the Disney Channel featured its first gay couple on an episode of one of its original series. Good Luck Charlie is a family, children’s show that is a popular original comedy. Bob and Amy Duncan (Charlie’s parents) are arguing over the name of the mom of Charlie’s friend Taylor: Cheryl or Susan. When the doorbell rings Susan and Cheryl are there with their daughter and introduce themselves as both of Taylor’s moms.

Disney’s spokesperson was happy to say just how fine they were with it, saying the plot was developed “under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisers. And like Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness”.

I think it’s great that Disney has introduced children to the diversity of families. There is no reason that any child should feel insecure or embarrassed by their family. Everyone’s lifestyle choices should be supported and I think its necessary to introduce kids to families such as gay, interracial, single parent, or a child being raised by someone else other than their parent. Media needs to become more real all around, especially when targeting children watchers. If it’s not new to children on TV they wont be surprised when they experience all different types of families in real life.

Here is the short clip:

Some have criticized the network for the move, saying it was inappropriate to bring such a political and divisive subject onto a children’s TV program.
Time to tell me what all my readers think about this topic!!

4 Responses to “Disney’s First Gay Couple”

  1. jennpower

    Reblogged this on It's all kids stuff. and commented:
    eI don’t think it should have been criticized. I think it’s great. Media should reflect real life, and I’m glad that “children’s” television is approaching this subject with inclusiveness. I love how the reaction is to the kid having two moms. Congratulations Disney Channel, maybe there is hope for children’s television networks after all.


    • steeleba

      @jennpower Thanks for commenting! Yes I agree, I love how Disney is starting to include all types of families. And the parents response to the little girl having two moms is really cute!


    • steeleba

      @Patricia Tilton I totally agree. Thanks for taking time to comment!



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