The Bitchin’ Table: Real World Edition

Hello readers! For our final Bitchin’ Table of the semester, kaycorbs444 and femistorian decided to tackle something that’s on every graduating senior’s mind right now: entering the real world. They’re all staring bills, job interviews, moving, and the wage gap in the face. And things could get even worse if Mittens gets elected President.
Femistorian: Hey Kaycorbs444! Are you totally stoked about graduating next weekend?
Kaycorbs444: I’m excited, but so freaking stressed about getting a “real job,” after taking Women’s Studies courses and knowing what women are up against, it really makes me wonder if I have a decent chance of EVER paying off student loans. We all know that women in America make .77 cents to every dollar men make, which TOTALLY SUCKS. How the hell are we ever supposed to make our way? I know Marilyn Monroe said she doesn’t mind if it’s a man’s world, as long as she’s a woman in it, but gosh, being a girl get’s harder all the time!
Femistorian: Tell me about it! And it’s even worse for women of color. Black women earn on average .62 cents, while Hispanic women hit the bottom at .54 cents. It never ceases to blow my mind that the wage gap still exists! Women have been fighting this since the early twentieth century! But what’s worse, even our current presidential candidates (I’m looking at you, Mittens) thinks that women don’t deserve to earn as much as men!
Kaycorbs444: It’s ridiculous that with these racial limits still in place, we can still call ourselves a “modern civilization.” It’s ironic that women outnumber men in college enrollment, yet we’re still encouraged to take the domestic route if we stumble upon a man that supports such a lifestyle. I’m not taking anything away from stay at home moms, but honestly what’s the point of busting our butt sat a university if we’re never going to use any of the knowledge we learned?
Femistorian: I totally agree! This isn’t the 1960s anymore, most women aren’t going to college for their MRS degree. We all have ambitions and dreams that we want to pursue regardless of our husbands salaries, and it stinks that we’re continually discouraged in the job world by getting less and less pay. Which reminds me, did you hear about Ann Romney?
Kaycorbs444: Yes! You know I agree that being a mom is definitely the hardest job in the world, but I think that she’s definitely the WRONG person to ask to represent American women. I mean, the woman has never had a financial worry in her life… being a stay at home mom is a lot easier when you have a cleaning lady, and a nanny. Do you think women will ever “earn” their chance at a life beyond the limits of the home?
Maybe Ann Romney isn't the best candidate to represent the American woman...
How many girls these days qualify as rich, white, stay at home moms anymore? That's what we thought...

Femistorian: You know I think it’s going to be a long, hard struggle to ever get to that point. Even women with full-time jobs still come home to work the “second shift” aka taking care of the kids, cleaning, and cooking. What frustrates me about Ann Romney’s comments also comes down to race. It seems that wealthy white women who choose to stay home are heralded as saints, while women of color and low income women who might want to stay home and raise their families are told to get a job because they might have to use welfare. Women are always judged by the behavior of their children, or the cleanliness of their homes. That blame rarely if ever falls into the man’s lap.

Kaycorbs444: So true! It’s like whatever happened to co-parenting? Didn’t it take two to make the child? Aren’t there two adults raising this kid? Why are manners a subject women must always be the ones to teach, and athletic skills for example, a reflection of the dad? But beyond all that, I think it’s unfair on both levels that men are criticized for being stay at home dads. I recently read an article about a mom that makes a large income as a stay at home blogger, while she raises her children. I thought about if a man said he was going to do that kind of work, and what people would think of him… it’s just not the same! I feel like our country is never going to break the mold of the housewife stereotype if we don’t embrace men that are trying to help defy the role! You know?

Femistorian: Absolutely! I think men should be encouraged, not discouraged to take a more active role in “domestic life.” So here’s a word of advice for all the JMU men about to graduate: when you finally settle down, don’t be afraid to help around the house. It doesn’t make you less of a man or “effeminate.” There are even studies that suggest that men who help around the house more are more likely to have regular sex. And ladies of JMU, don’t take the wage gap lying down! You are worth more than 77% of what your male colleagues make, and you don’t have to work the second shift alone!

Kaycorbs444: Amen!

And in closing, a musical tribute to all the hard-working ladies out there:

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