Quick Hit: Amendment One

I think this article has a couple of interesting discussion points:

1.) What do we think of the situation generally?

2.)  Is it ok to have signs that say “Marriage is between a man and woman” posted in public places?

3.) What about T.R. Nunley saying, “What makes me really angry is that many gay people choose not to vote because they didn’t care enough. This is what democracy looks like when we choose not to vote!”

4.) That picture gets me. Demons really?

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Amendment One

  1. Goodness me! That poster is deeply offensive, and would not be tolerated in the UK, from where I write. As a catholic, I do not agree with our bishops. How can an expression of love and commitment ever be wrong? I may be pushing 50, but I still believe that love is the answer to most problems. I do, however, believe that someone should not be forced to perform a marriage if they believe it to be morally wrong. In time, and with love and patience, opinions will change, as they have so far. My children are at high school and have friends who feel as comfortable talking about their sexuality as their shoe size. These positive changes have happened within my lifetime, which has also included the last years when it was illegal to have sex as a homosexual. One of the most stable and lasting relationships I’m aware of amongst my friends, is between two women who’ve both borne a child (same dad, and involved dad) The kids are great. The relationship is great. I respect them deeply, and have told them I’m buying a hat!!!!


    1. I think it’s really interesting that you say someone should not be forced to perform a marriage if they believe it to be wrong. I actually hadn’t thought about those implications yet. I guess the reason why I never thought about it is that a lot of people here choose who will administer the ceremony. A lot of times, people have their friends and family get authorized to perform marriages so they can make their wedding more personal. I’m not sure how I feel about letting people choose to perform certain marriages. Prima facie, I think it almost opens the floodgate for people to make other claims of that nature. For example, it seems to justify someone not serving a person of a particular race because he or she finds it morally wrong. However, if I were a member of the LGBTQIQ community, I’m not sure how I would feel about such a person performing my ceremony either.


      1. We don’t get quite so much choice in the UK, and I think there is fear amongst the religious establishment. I totally get what you’re saying re: floodgates. A marriage is a celebration of love and commitment. It’s just not appropriate that the person performing that ceremony is seething with resentment, or is going against belief. I also see the irony in my own faith, that whilst we catholics embrace and adore the woman and mother, Mary, that we do not accept women into the priesthood, we still require celibacy, and women bishops are a long way off! I like there to be a balance between rights and responsibility, and the respect to give people a chance to enjoy one, whilst exercizing the other ie a Vicar has the right to say ‘No’ to marrying a same sex couple, but the responsibility to celebrate their love. Hmmm….


        1. I think we definitely agree on the ideas of tolerance and gradual progress. I think forcing anyone to do anything will only create negative feelings and halt any progress. Hence, why I understand the idea of a vicar/priest/whoever’s right to choose who to marry. I’m just hoping that over time, especially given the law’s gradual acceptance of same-sex marriage (well, some states’ acceptance…), most people will begin to at least tolerate/respect everyone’s rights.


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