Supporting our words with actions: a prerequisite to change

This semester is rapidly coming to an end… whaaaat?? Yeah. Crazy huh?

Honestly, this year has been an incredible struggle for me as a student, a feminist, a sister, a daughter, and as a politically motivated young woman.

If you’ve been following the blog, I’m sure you’ve seen that many of my posts have basically been like “I’m a feminist… am I aloud to like this? Enjoy this? Have a differing feminist identity than someone else?”

And even though this may seem like a simple question, it was pretty difficult for me to come to terms with some of those things. But, I think I finally have to some extent. I am coming to terms with the fact that, even though I will always support feminism, I don’t always have to agree with every other feminist on “gender” issues, political issues, social issues, or anything else for that matter. Because I honestly don’t agree all the time, and it’s likely that you probably don’t either. I’m starting to believe that feminism should never dictate who I am or what I do, but rather should be a supporting mechanism to facilitate my own personal wellbeing and growth.

I firmly believe that we should all be lifting each other up as feminists, not tearing each other down and judging each other for not embodying the image of a “perfect feminist”.

I believe in positive energy. And for me, that positive energy is my mom, my dad, my sister and brother-in-law, my puppy, my friends, it’s the embodiment of feminism, of love, and acceptance of each other no matter what.

Sometimes, it’s really easy to get caught up in criticizing each other for what they are doing wrong instead of focusing on promoting our mutual interests.

As we all know, the amount of anti-women’s rights, anti-planned parenthood, anti-preventive healthcare policies currently being enacted and presented is absolutely horrendous….

But, remember that time where we all bombarded our governor’s office with phone calls opposing the mandate of transvaginal ultrasounds? Yeah. THAT WAS PRETTY FREAKING AMAZING!

That’s the type of solidarity that’s going to make a difference, and make change. It’s wonderful to expand our minds and accept differences on paper (or on a blog J), but we have to stand together in the world too.

Election are coming up really soon, and we can’t forget to put our words to action. We can’t forget to keep defending our rights and our LGBTQIQA community. That means standing up for what you believe in and making it happen! That means going out and voting!

It means rallying for change in our world, and not letting our rights to health, choice, and freedom be infringed upon. (Yes Mitt Romney, this is a jab at you)

As much as I’d like to take some rage out in the face of intolerance, hating back isn’t ever going to bring us any peace.

I’ve recently taken a look around and realized what amazing people I have in my life. A sister and bother-in-law who are working in Kyrgyzstan with the Peace Corp to teach children English among many other projects, a mother and father who started their own medical offices practice medicine to truly help their patients and make a difference in the health of our community.

So what I’m trying to say here is that, you don’t have to be self-identified to be a feminist who is helping to change the world.

P.S.: I had a blast writing for you all the past two semesters. ❤ you all

Internationalcupcakebandit ouuut!

2 thoughts on “Supporting our words with actions: a prerequisite to change

  1. A very sweet and touching post and I’m glad to know you’ve reached an understanding with yourself. I completely agree that we should be lifting each other up and rallying for change. I’ve also had issues with my identity as a feminist but I feel I’ve also grown thanks to this blog.


  2. Beautiful well said. I am proud of you. Your thoughts are beyond your age. We should all support each other first before we can up lift the world. The world also filled with mean selfish beings.


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