Sunday Links Round-Up

Hello again readers! Welcome to the second to last Sunday Links Round-up of the semester. In this edition:

Aliasmitch loved “this really awesome article calling out Jezebel on their incredibly problematic reporting on mental illness. While some of us may love Jezebel for its trademark snark, it is important to remember that it is, quite often, a media website with really problematic reporting practices.”

Eszenyme thinks that “since we’re all craving more Hunger Games, this article gives not only a discussion of Katniss and feminism, but the article parallels this discussion with a personal narrative on growing with The Hunger Games.”

Femistorian discovered: “this article on Jezebel which really sparked my attention. Apparently, a professor at App State showedThe Price of Pleasure, a documentary that critiques the porn industry. Shortly after showing the film, she was put on administrative leave and is facing getting fired. But the professor actually attributes this strange turn of events to her vocal criticism of App State’s male-only poker club for faculty and administrators. Men in this group just so happen to have more privileges and power than others on campus. Coincidence? I think not. Oh, and the best part? She has tenure. So much for academia being a liberal mecca.”

Internationalcupcakebandit liked: “this article from femininsting showcases a petition against LEGO’s friends line which is stereotypically targeted toward young girls. It’s quite interesting to think about how children’s toys are a huge part of “gendering” our society and reinforcing strict gender roles.”

Kaycorbs444  found: “an interesting article on Feministe about women in the workforce. As we prepare to graduate and embark on the next chapter of our lives in the professional world, this blog post is not only timely, but extremely significant for our generation. The author presents the statistics that defy, as she put it “the Ann Romney stereotype” of stay at home moms to show just how hard girls in modern society work. ”

Parklena  enjoyed: “an interview with a couple of feminist mothers and their blogging. An interesting interaction with these mothers who are sharing their beliefs, and experiences with blogging while parenting and their battle to show their feminist side while avoiding being labeled as just a mother. “

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