Stay Nasty

Today, I find myself in a precarious position of devastation, desperation and helplessness. I, like a majority of Americans who voted, did not want to see this cabinet replace that of the Obama Administration. I, like a majority of Americans, felt that when it came to deciding between a highly qualified, experienced woman and a […]

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Music, Makeup, & Media

Selfie culture is still alive and well as 2016 ends and so is the shaming of girls who take them. Do you remember last year in October when those sorority girls  got shamed by the announcers for taking selfies during a baseball game? The announcers mock the girls for their vanity by taking selfies, which is […]

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“Cibele” or How a Video Game teaches us about Modern Relationships

(featured image WikiMedia Commons- Star Maid Games) For 95 minutes, I pretended to be in love. My beau to be was a player on the RPG “Valtameri”, who went by the moniker “Ichi.” Our relationship bloomed through simultaneous strikes on enemy demon squids, rock monsters, and crystal trolls, all while exchanging skin showing selfies and […]

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How to Do Sex in Films (Part 1 of 2)

(featured image pixabay-chopy) Sex and sexuality takes a certain craft to portray authentically in the movies without it coming across as gratuitous. Yet because the film industry tends to be dominated by a male-centric view i.e their dominance of almost every level from production design, writing, and directing, whenever it comes time to portray sexuality […]

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