Why Lady Gaga Won the Oscars

Sunday night, beloved celebrities took to the red carpet for the Academy Awards. Chris Rock hosted and provided laughs and jokes that criticized the Academy and the lack of people of color as nominees.  He also let his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies to the audience. It was a fun night filled with excitement and […]

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Empowering. The. Period.

Ladies, we know about the friend that arrives every 28 days.  This little friend that seems to defy the human body by bleeding for a week and we stay alive.  We hate this friend, but we have to welcome it, I mean it’s biology.  This friend is our period. Recently, there seems to have been […]

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Q&A With Beyoncé Professor Kevin Allred

In 2010, Rutgers University professor Kevin Allred created “Politicizing Beyoncé”, a course that pairs U.S. Black Feminist texts, both historical and contemporary, with Beyoncé’s music and career in order to discuss current U.S. race, class, gender, and sexual politics. I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Allred about his class, and here’s what he had […]

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High School for Imagination—for Girls, by Girls

I never thought I would dream of going back to high school…yeeaahh rough times. But recent news about “School of Doodle,” a free, online high school designed to activate girls’ imaginations, has me seriously reconsidering… The School of Doodle, launched by Molly Logan and Elise Van Middelem, which they humbly proclaim, “possibly the most amazing project ever” (could […]

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Feminism in Art

There are so many powerful ways to express and depict feminism. One of my personal favorites is through art work because it can take on so many meanings for the artist and the viewer. Art is personal, touching and powerful. I wanted to share the artwork of one of my dear friends, Shelby, who has […]

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