Dress and Express

Everyone is different especially in how we express our self identity. Fashion, especially in our society today is one of the most amazing ways one can express themselves. Your sense of style can say a lot about you. However, it can take a little longer for some people to figure it out

I went to catholic school my whole life prior to attending JMU, so everyday I woke up and knew exactly what I was wearing. Knee high white socks, gray skort down to the knee and a navy blue polo shirt. What a great way to express yourself, everyone wearing the same exact thing right? WRONG. I didn’t have the stress of trying to pick out outfits because most of the time I was wearing a uniform. So by the time the weekend came around I had a whole week to figure out what to wear for just two days. I never thought about it at the time but my “style” before college was just whatever my friends were wearing. I guess you can say it was something along the lines of  the “basic white girl” look. Jeans, a pair of boots, monogrammed necklace with my initials and a flowy top. I was very confident with my look but never realized that was only because I was dressing how everyone else was not how I wanted to.

In high school I was in a bubble, unaware of how important style is in expressing oneself. Oh but my bubble did pop and my oblivion caught up to me at lighting speed, leaving me with a intense identity crisis my first weeks as a freshman in college. I didn’t know how to dress, I felt like I didn’t even know who I was. So, I did what any other sensible person trying to find themselves would do … go out and get a nose ring along with nine other piercings in my ear. Did it solve my problem? No, but it was a start. I had to go back to square one, figure out what I liked, how I felt, why I liked something and why I felt that way. It was an exhausting time and opened my eyes to how kept in the dark I was in terms of being able to express myself through what I was wearing.

Going home for my first thanksgiving break was overwhelming with a little splash of judgment. My nose ring got the biggest hit with subtle looks of disgust and disapproval from some family members and friends. My favorite reaction was when someone would ask “What happened to you” and my response would be I changed it up. In the Article Why Personal Style is the Best Form of Self- Expression Kaylee Dris states “Although specific fashions can give off a certain vibe, there’s something truly unique about style. We can change it up whenever we want.” Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself, and being confident with your style can speak for itself. There are the different vibes people have in there style the grunge skater look, the preppy flower look, the boujee badass look and so many more. But just because one is you’re “vibe” doesn’t mean that you can’t change it whenever you want. Every person is unique which means everyone’s style is unique. 

Kaylee Dris says “No matter why our preferred style changes, it can be looked at as a powerful change of self expression. ” and that is exactly how I look at my personal identity crisis. My style changed because I finally had the opportunity to express myself as an individual.

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One thought on “Dress and Express

  1. Great post!! I actually had a similar experience, when I turned 18 I decided to go out and get a bunch of different ear piercings, and then a nose ring a few months later without my parent’s approval. My grandparents especially were not too fond of it, but I love my piercings and that’s all that matters!

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