Sunday Night Spotlight

As out semester draws to a close, be sure to tune in for our last spotlight “hoorah.”

As a fan of Audrey Hepburn, YourKnightinShiningTutu loved reading this article about her “hidden feminism” and how she actually did stand for more than simply style and fashion and implores you to likewise give this article on “The Week” a quick read!

ImagineHerstory stands behind Gabby Giffords as she lobbies to have greater gun control laws on those who have been accused of domestic violence.  These new restrictions would help keep women safe and are absolutely necessary.

MyManifestA is sharing this article to try and help raise more awareness of a current crisis in Nigeria. 234 young girls were kidnapped and, it seems, most likely sold to rebel militants as wives. A social media campaign has been started which you can share and follow using the hashtag #BringBackOurDaughters.

Ladychaotica21 wants you to check out the White House PSA against sexual assault!

Why are colleges and universities not stepping up like they should until after something really bad happens? steeleba found this article about American College not even applying to receive a sexual assault prevention federal grant.

SarahStar77 thinks you should check out this post on Jezebel, which discusses how GOP politician, Pastor Det Bowers, blames divorce on women as they care too much about their children, which causes their husbands to cheat. Such hate towards women needs to stop.

mscherhorowitz found this thought-provoking article written by a queer woman who discusses her struggle to negotiate her sexuality being visible or “remaining straight until proven otherwise.”

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