#QuickHit: Using Feminism to Leverage Marketing Strategies

Clever…but is this real empowerment, or just whitewash?

Is there a tension in using your purchasing power to buy your feminism?  Check out this article to find out what researchers are saying.  Below is a fascinating snippet from the post:

Examples of “radically literal feminism” and “sexism-positive feminism” include GoDaddy’s Superbowl commercial, which features a female bodybuilder, and Snickers’ complimentary harassment commercial, respectively.

Some beauty companies, with Dove at the forefront, also use feminism and empowerment messages in their advertisements, reported Danielle Kurtzleben at Vox.

Kurtzleben explained Dove sells a variety of products, but viewers see ideologically charged commercials about inner beauty rather than these products. Critics are saying this is a hypocritical message.

“The problem with Dove’s message that women need to have more confidence in their looks, critics say, is that it still upholds the idea that women’s beauty is of utmost importance, albeit in a warm and fuzzy way,” wrote Kurtzleben.

“Some (including Kurtzleben) also pointed out that Unilever (Dove’s parent corporation) is selling “real beauty” even while it sells products like Slim-Fast and Axe, a line whose identity is in part built on the idea that body spray is irresistible to well-endowed, bikini-clad women,” she wrote.


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