Sunday Night Spotlight

Check out our feminist picks of the week!

Xenawarriorprincess found this article, which demonstrates how studies have shown more women are taking action in their sex lives versus past generations. “Maybe we should change that one line: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage” to something more real, like: “Thanks, contraceptives. I’ll take it from here.”

Bestlittlelion92 thinks that Miley Cyrus has an odd definition of Feminism! Find out more in this article 


From ChelleBelle:   In this article from The Good Men Project, author David Pittman expresses the detrimental effects of telling survivors of sexual abuse to “get over it.” He compares the treatment of people with physical injuries to people suffering from abuse and other invisible trauma and exposes inequalities.

Nat Turner left a wonderful comment on Cpowell92’s blog post about racism. He is trying to raise awareness about Facebook and their acceptance of a Facebook page that promotes racism. Take a look at his blog and sign the petition!

SarahStar77 thinks you should check out the article, “Everything the Cops Didn’t Do In The Jameis Winston Rape Investigation” from Jezebel here.  The College quarterback for Florida State University, Jameis Winston, will probably not be charged for committing a rape as police did not make an effort for the investigation. This is infuriating, who cares if he is the quarterback! Read more so this will not happen again!

If you need a hearty chuckle in the wake of finals week, Spongebobbloggerpants encourages you to check out Feministing’s article that offers a different perspective about body image.  Also if you want to lol your head off, make sure you watch the parody Dove’s “real beauty” campaign.

MyManifesta is excited to read Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, out June 10th! You can learn more about it here.


Check out the video and article steeleba found about how a professors lowered a student’s grade after finding out she was a stripper. She states that she was getting A’s in the class and when her professor found out she was getting C’s and D’s on everything. Why would this professor think they had the right to govern what this girl did?

YourKnightinShiningTutu found this article on Huffingtonpost Women highlighting a new legislation that may make excessive photoshopping and any “materially change [to the] the physical characteristics of the faces and bodies of the individuals depicted” illegal. This could be amazingly beneficial to our upcoming generations and society in general by eliminating impossible standards and improving body image! Read up and show your support for this life-changing law!

Ladylikesailormouth loved this article about the importance of feminism in parenting. Feminism promotes positive parenting when it comes to body image and gender identity. It definitely made this blogger rethink parenting styles.

On a lighter note, mscherhorowitz found this article about a deceased woman who granted $50,000 to her five cats in her will. An intriguing read for all of us cat lovers out there.

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