Sunday Night Spotlight

Covering Dove’s and Veet’s terrible marketing strategies, femme invisibility, selfies, and more.  Check out what our bloggers want YOU to read this fine Sunday evening!

Bestlittlelion92:   Kirsten Dunst is “bringing it on” in her latest comments talking about gender and the absence of femininity.

Cpowell92 is horrified at some of these attempts at a selfie. Have we gone too far when it comes to taking pictures of ourselves??

XenaWarriorPrincess: “Being ‘attractive’ or ‘sexy’ is not the ultimate goal. Being happy in my skin is.”​ Read an inspiring post from a young feminist that opens up about her body-image problems, and how she overcame.   

ChelleBelle found this article, which describes the get REAL organization’s mission to end homophobia in fraternities and sororities. They are also aiming to educate younger teenagers and help them “un-learn” homophobia. The article also features a video that is fantastic! I would love to see this happen at James Madison University.

Ladylikesailormouth found a thought provoking article in Cosmo about femme invisibility in the lesbian/ queer community. It is an interesting take on our culture’s perception that people are straight until proven otherwise from a woman who identifies herself as a femme queer woman. We should not assume people are straight because it creates the problematic perception that heterosexuality in the acceptable norm.

Spongebobbloggerpants implores you to read this awesome article about leg hair, homophobia, and “dudeness”….shame on you, Veet.

Yourknightinshiningtutu read this infuriating article about a study that suggests rape reports are not all being counted. In order to lower the rape statistics and make our anti-rape efforts look as though they’re working, some police departments are undercounting rape reports, says. If this infuriates you also, read up on this article and “let’s do something about it”!

steeleba found an article with graphic pictures criticizing the extent women go to reach ideal beauty standards. These pictures are exaggerated, but really makes you think about all the damaging things women do to be seen as beautiful.  For Jessica Ledwich, female sexuality is viewed as “threatening” and is therefore oppressed. Check these out.

SarahStarr77:  Robert H. Richard IV, heir to a multi-million chemical baron fortune, raped his three-year-old daughter and Delaware judge did not sentence him to jail, as he would not fare well in prison. Instead the judge sentenced Richard to probation and treatment due to his wealth. This is an outrage!

mscherhorowitz found this compelling article on research concluding that girls who play with Barbies have a narrow view on what career options are available to them in comparison to boys. The article also urges us to really consider the societal harms playing with the doll can cause.

ImagineHerstory would like to thank the Missouri lawmaker for comparing an abortion to buying a new car *eye roll* 

Ladychaotica21 finds Dove’s latest attempt at setting themselves apart as a “company who cares” about women to be total bullshit.  Please, don’t shroud your vapid marketing ploys with good intentions—I’m not buying your vain conspiracy.

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