Quick Hit : Animated Short on Gender Recognition

Identity is important. Each of us as individuals, yearn to be recognized as a  valuable part of society. We identify ourselves through our values, beliefs, and attitudes. Personally, I identify myself as female, a feminist, Duke Dog, and pug enthusiast. Society, however, tends to focus solely on categorizing our identities by our race, gender, or economical status.  Unfortunately, […]

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Re-defining Masculinity

Hello beautiful bloggers! On this dreary and rainy Tuesday I would like to address the importance of re-defining masculinity. As we know, gender roles are culturally biased ideas that dictate a person’s behavioral role depending on their biological sex. Though I usually use these posts to fight against the pressures of being female, I’d like […]

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Pants Do Not Lower Test Scores

Oh middle school, those were the days of crippling self-doubt, dangerously low self-esteem, and fierce desperation for peer acceptance. Personally,I can’t think of middle school without reliving my history of bad haircuts, horrible outfits, and socially awkward behavior. I really would love to forget  those days. These memories were been drudged up, however, when I read about a […]

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Walk of Shame Kit

In today’s world of entrepreneurship craziness, a new product has arisen that will surely have feminists everywhere collectively saying ” What the freaky freak is up with our society?” This so called product basically exemplifies the absolute ridiculousness that is the Double Standard, though it is being packaged as a helpful toolkit for us ladies. […]

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Pledge to Make a Difference

Hey there readers! Earlier this semester, I announced my New Years resolution of learning to love and accept my body. It has not always been easy, especially with Spring Break around the corner. I’m going to Florida with my family and already I’m second-guessing everything I eat in preparation for the big opening of “ […]

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