Quick Hit: Who Has the Power to Frame the World?

Representation is power, and that power is rarely given to those on the margins of society. While, women in the news media and writing field have made many strides in history, they still are still being pigeon-holed. How so?  An interesting article on the OPed Project provides some interesting statistics on what exactly women writers have been writing. The discovery? The majority of op-ed women writers,( examples were taken from New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times etc) wrote about traditional feminine topics. These topics include, housekeeping, beauty, health, style, etc.


The most popular subjects were family, gender, and style. The least discussed subject are unfortunately economy, international politics, and social action. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with these more ” feminine topics”, it is disheartening to see little variety or gender-bending in the subjects written by women.

Of course, the question of ” who has the power to represent” comes into mind when looking at the graph above. The Oped Project’s research found that only 37% of journalists are women, while the majority ( 63%) are male.


This article really had me contemplating on how important equal representation is, and how incredibly rare it is. According to the pie chart above,  our world is carefully pieced together by Caucasian men. Shocker. Hopefully, with the help of the Internet, representation will greatly vary. Now that virtually anyone can post a video on Youtube, about whichever topic ( no matter how dumb), the playing field will finally open up.

One thought on “Quick Hit: Who Has the Power to Frame the World?

  1. It unfortunately makes sense why our society is still patriarchal when white men are still in majority of so many influencing positions: government/political, media, etc. Would love to see how things would change if everything was much closer to 50/50.


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