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Walk of Shame Kit

In today’s world of entrepreneurship craziness, a new product has arisen that will surely have feminists everywhere collectively saying ” What the freaky freak is up with our society?” This so called product basically exemplifies the absolute ridiculousness that is the Double Standard, though it is being packaged as a helpful toolkit for us ladies. Here’s a pretty picture of this new product which is * drum roll please* the ” Walk of Shame Kit!”

The kit, which you can find and purchase here, contains some essential items for any young woman who finds herself too scared to brave the social stigma behind strutting the  streets in last night’s outfit. The kit contains:

1.) Dress

2.) Flip Flops

3.) Backpack

4.) Sunglasses

5.) Pre-Pasted Toothpaste

6.) Wipes

7.) Call/ Don’t Call note card ( lol)

8.) Breast Awareness Bracelet

Basically it seems like a grown-up sleepover kit that seems to have some helpful items. I have to admit that the call/don’t call note card is pretty hilarious. Additionally, some of the proceeds from buying the kit are donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. However, this kit is not so cheap, it’s sold for $34.99 which seems pretty steep in my opinion, though it is donating money to a charity. Personally, I’d rather directly donate my time or money  to a charity, than buy a kit which basically encourages women to hide their sexual behavior.

The main problem I have with this product is that it encourages slut-shaming. The whole “Walk of Shame” term in of itself is infuriating because it is an absolute double standard. It just feels like this product is aimed to make me feel ashamed about my sexual behavior, but if i spend $34.99 (*for charity*) I don’t need to feel this way!

I understand that this company may be trying to help women in a twisted way by ” rescuing them” with this ingenious sleepover kit, but that goes against what’s really wrong here. Slut-shaming is a serious problem in our society, and I witness it on a daily basis on JMU’s campus. The girl who completes the Walk of Shame is to be ridiculed and judged. I’ve overheard numerous conversations, from guys and girls, in which a young woman was being laughed at for completing the Walk of Shame.

It just seems so outdated that in this day of age we’re still trying to bully women into controlling their sexuality. I can’t help but wonder if the Patriarchy is really just scared shitless of the overwhelming fierceness that comes from a woman who fully, openly, and unapologetically enjoys sex. It’s about time we as young women stop apologizing for wanting to engage in some casual sex. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and as long as there’s protection, who the hell cares? This whole Walk of Shame kit business has me thinking of a wonderful song by the sexy force of nature that is Salt n Pepa! I’ll leave you guys today with the video of Its None of Your Business!

4 Responses to “Walk of Shame Kit”

  1. imagineherstory

    I’m really happy that you wrote about this! Like you said this product is supposed to be a “funny” “helpful” item for women, but actually reinforces the negative stereotypes for sexually active women. Why don’t they have these kits for men? Do they not commit “Walks of Shame”? Or do they have the more prestigious “Walks of Cocky Dignity”? Unfortunately, we live in a sex negative society where sex is seen as something wrong and disgusting to take part in.

    Another thing that bothers me is the donation to the Breast Cancer Awareness foundation because not only does it make breast cancer a female issue (which it’s not) but I also have issues with awareness rather than causation of breast cancer…that’s another story though haha.


  2. Xenawarriorprincess

    LOVE THIS! Its really crazy that there’s such a product out there. When reading what it comes with I literally lol’d, just because that means the girl who buys this, would have to aim at finding a sexual partner the entire night and carry it around in her purse or clutch (if small enough) which just totally defeats the purpose of “casual” sex. Because planning like that, is not casual. It definitely contributes to the negative stereotype of women being “sluts” when having casual sex frequently, which is frustrating. I also agree with Imagineherstory about the breast cancer donation. I feel like when making this they were like, “hey, some women might find this offensive. But if we just add a breast cancer profit to its purchase, all women will have to like it!” Somehow thinking the breast cancer donation will make us think twice about their not-so-empowering female product.


    • SarahStar77

      Great post. This walk of shame kit really brings up a variety of issues. First off I agree with you that women should not be ashamed of having a one night stand and that of all industries a non-profit breast cancer foundation has created such a slut shaming product. Breast cancer also effects both sexes. So shouldn’t they have a male kit too then? (Sarcasm they shouldn’t have either.) People men and women should be free to have sex with whoever they want when they want. I bet this product will be discontinued very shortly. I agree with imagenherstory as well that the walk of shame kit was tried to be marketed as funny but it really reinforces stereotypes that women should be ashamed of having a one night stand when they should not be. Do you think that this product will be in for a long time or discontinued shortly due to the message it entails? Thanks for sharing.


  3. ChelleBelle

    Yeah I totally agree with you ladies, this product is ridiculous. The donation doesn’t even make sense and…exactly how much of this money goes to Breast Cancer Awareness? Xenawarriorprincess you are so right, how would you be able to carry this kit around haha and like…what is the backpack for?? Would someone really carry a backpack all night? So strange! This literally makes no sense and I cannot imagine that people will actually purchase it.



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