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Earlier this semester, I announced my New Years resolution of learning to love and accept my body. It has not always been easy, especially with Spring Break around the corner. I’m going to Florida with my family and already I’m second-guessing everything I eat in preparation for the big opening of “ my pale- food-laden-winter-hibernation body in a bikini”. While I’m looking eagerly looking forward to warm weather and spending quality time with my family, I am experiencing some bathing suit anxiety for my big debut. My usual eagerness to consume any and all desserts has recently diminished as well, in the fear that I will regret the effect those extra calories may have on my figure.

Easier said than done...
Easier said than done…

Therefore, with these body blues weighing on my mind, it was a blessing to discover the Health At Every Size Pledge. I was browsing Tumblr the other day and came across this pledge, which implores individuals to quit fat-shaming and instead embrace a more diverse concept of a healthy body. I was instantly drawn to the pledge because of how closely it relates to my New Years resolution. Plus, with my vacation so quickly approaching, signing a petition to commit to health and body acceptance, seemed like a perfect thing to do! Therefore, I did sign the pledge. The link to the website is here. The mastermind behind the pledge is Dr. Linda Bacon ( great last name by the way) who wrote a book titled “ Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight”.

linda bacon

Dr. Bacon’s book challenges the idea that healthy equals thin. Instead, her book, and the pledge is designed to dispel myths about fat being unhealthy, and the complete fallacy behind America’s dieting obsession. An excerpt from the Health At Every Size Pledge encompasses Dr. Bacon’s vision : “ Health at every size is a new peace movement. Very simply, it acknowledges that good health can best be realized independent from considerations of size. It supports people- of all sizes- in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors”.

These healthy behaviors include logical tips such as; listening to your body natural hunger rhythm, appreciating your body’s physical prowess and learning to enjoy exercise, and accepting your body’s natural form! These tips are brilliant, and relatively easy, compared to any diet’s stringent and unrealistic tips towards a “ healthy” figure.

Taken From Linda Bacon's Website:
Taken From Linda Bacon’s Website:

I’m looking forward to embracing this pledge and learning to listen to my body’s natural rhythms and appreciate it as the wonderful instrument it is! Therefore, instead of frantically dieting before my Spring Break vacation, I will adhere to the pledge and listen and love my body. The pledge literally takes two seconds to sign and in the following twenty-four hours your name appears on the list! So far there are approximately 7052 signatures, according to the website, and I encourage you to sign it as well! The myth that “ skinny” is the only form of health, or beauty, must be debunked!

2 thoughts on “Pledge to Make a Difference

  1. I think the Health At Every Size Pledge is very empowering for women. I am glad you have pledged to be happy with your body. I think it is important and brave of you that you have shared your fear of looking your best for spring break. So many girls worry about how their body looks in a swimsuit. The reality is that being skinny does not equate to being healthy. Being a healthy weight is what matters. Being too thin or too overweight can lead to health problems. We need to learn to appreciate our bodies and be happy with who we are. What else do you think can be done in order to help women in our society be accepting of their bodies and themselves as a whole? Great post.


    1. I completely agree with everything you’re saying! There desperately needs to be a shift in the way we perceive what ” healthy” truly looks like. I think it would be super helpful if the media strove to implement stories of healthy men and women living in all different shapes and sizes. Thank you for the comment!


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