Quick Hit: Campus Advocacy Event to End Gender Norms

Happy Saturday everyone!

I wanted to take  some time out of the greatest day of the week to write about a campus event I went to on Wednesday. I’m in an Argument and Advocacy class which discusses the importance of both of these two topics and how closely they are related. One of our class requirements is to host our very own advocacy event for  A classmate of mine was hosting an advocacy event this past Wednesday on the quad from 12-3. I went to check it out and was highly impressed!

Buzz Lightyear speaking the gospel truth
Buzz Lightyear speaking the gospel truth

She was in a perfect location, right in front of Wilson, and had a large, colorful tri-fold to attract students to her event. Additionally, as students walked by, myself including, she would politely inquire if we could answer a few questions about gender norms for a video recording. For those who are camera shy, there was another option to fill out the rest of the sentence ” Gender Norms are harmful because…” on a white board. I chose the first option. Her two questions were ” Do you think gender norms are harmful?” and ” How did I try and defy gender norms in my daily life”. Two great questions that got straight to the point! She’s going to make a compilation of all the pictures and interviews from that day. I was so impressed by her event and absolutely loved her topic. Gender norms are harmful and having college students openly discuss the reason why, is so important!


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