Two Dope Queens

What is up my favorites femmes?!!! Your girl SheFire is sad to say that this will be my final blog post as a writer for ShoutOut! this semester and per fabulous feminist style, I will be using my final post to talk about two even more fantastic feminists by the names of Jessica Williams and […]

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Hear us Roar

Since the #MeToo  and #TimesUp movements began, they have sparked a wave of women speaking out against abusers, harsher punishments for said abusers and a string of Media coverage, all focused on removing the filter over sexual assault and harassment and portraying it for what it truly is. There has been change in the world […]

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Trauma to Triumph

Hey Y’all. So as some of you may know, a few us here at ShoutOut recently attended The National Young Feminists Leadership conference this past weekend! First let me just say, thank you to Feminist Majority Foundation because they did an incredible job at making this conference an educational, fun, and EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE. Just to […]

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Rounding up our Writers!

SheFire here! just to let you all know we missed our wonderful readers last week while we were on Spring Break! But have no fear this week we are back and many of us will even be attending the New Young Feminists Leadership Conference, in Washington, D.C. this weekend! We are all so excited to […]

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Just Checking, JT

As everyone knows the super bowl was this past weekend, the Eagles beat the Patriots in a jaw dropping victory of 41-33. It was nonetheless an interesting game that kept us on the edge of our seats. However, what I feel kept me in my seat was the somewhat underwhelming performance of good ole Justin […]

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