Two Dope Queens

What is up my favorites femmes?!!!

Your girl SheFire is sad to say that this will be my final blog post as a writer for ShoutOut! this semester and per fabulous feminist style, I will be using my final post to talk about two even more fantastic feminists by the names of Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. They are THE 2 DOPE QUEENS.

In case any of you haven’t heard about 2 Dope Queens, let me introduce you to them. These two badass ladies run a Podcast and a TV show on HBO that goes by the name of [you guessed it] 2 DOPE QUEENS.

I recently spent a good amount of time doing some heavy listening to the podcast, to find myself laughing around the clock and educationally enlightened. Robinson and Williams cover a wide range of topics including Sex, Work, relationships, politics, and the entertainment industry. They conduct their podcast with a combination of genuine friendship and straight up brash humor. Listening to these two makes you feel like you’re talking on your couch having a girl’s night with your best friends. They make topics that others might find unapproachable, approachable.

Perhaps one of the other things that makes their podcast that much better is that they also use their media platform to feature other comedians in their podcast. They make sure that the majority of their guests are women, POC or members of the LGBTQ community. So, not only are they making headway in the entertainment and media industry as two women, but they are using their success to give others a chance to express their artistic voices as well. And to this feminist, that is one of the “dopest” things an entertainer can do.

If you are at all interested in taking a look at their podcast, and I highly recommend that you do, follow the link below and read more about them and then check them out on Spotify!

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