Keeping up with loving yourself

This post was edited on 3/19/2023 by Thatgirl123

The Kardashians are one of the most followed and loved families worldwide. The sisters are mainly known because of their bodies and their appealing characteristics. As time has passed they have branded themselves and have started their own multimillion-dollar companies. They have captured the attention of millions, and their followers are extremely influenced by them. The Kardashians’ fame and popularity stem from a manufactured image that includes dishonesty about their appearance. Unfortunately, this false image creates an unrealistic and unattainable standard that further harms beauty ideals and societal pressures on women.

I personally have spent hundreds on Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims, in hopes of trying to achieve the snatched look that she constantly gives. Although, I am aware of the false images that they have created. I focus on emphasizing my own curves rather than trying to look exactly like them. I learned that I cannot prioritize the contradictions. After acknowledging the warped image of myself that I once had, I began to love myself more.

The controversy is endless when it comes to this family. They are not completely honest with their following which created an unhealthy relationship with many when it comes to loving themselves. Most are trying to achieve a look that is simply impossible because they have received countless procedures. A current hot, trending topic is that the Kardashians got their BBLs (Brazilian butt lifts) removed. Even though a false reality of what one’s body should be like had been created, they pushed others to love their curves. The 1960s model body type characteristics of being extremely thin had shifted and emphasized being “thick” and glamorizing big butts and slim waists.

Most have been voicing their opinions, especially on Twitter. The issue is that The Kardashian’s followers look up to them not only as businesswomen but for their looks. Questioning their own appearance and what more they can do to get this unrealistic and unnatural look. I remember being in high school and always having thicker thighs compared to most of my friends. It was so different to finally see people acknowledging their curves and being proud of them. I had always wanted to cover up the best that I could. I would wear shorts on top of my leggings because my mom would say my butt “looked big.” Thankfully, from social media and this family putting an emphasis on their curves, I began to love myself more. Although, I always felt as if I could do more. When looking up to these women and their magnificent bodies it really can take a toll on one’s confidence. After now learning the logistics behind every photo that is fixed with photoshop and surgeries, I feel foolish to of believed in it. I pushed myself for such an unrealistic goal because their bodies are not natural.

Falling in love with your body especially as a young woman is extremely difficult. I know that when I do not feel the most confident my mother will suggest that I “go keto” because she saw a celebrity do it. The odd part about it is that when looking up to influencers we tend to believe the crazy diets and try them out. The goal is to achieve that perfect hourglass body, right? So that I too can look like Khloe, Kim, and Kylie. Yet, they would do anything for a check. It really made me question why these women had such a strong influence over me. Khloe received a great deal of backlash after promoting “flat tummy tea,” because the reality of it is that they are getting surgery to enhance their looks.

The false realities of the hourglass body have not gone unnoticed by their fans. There are even trends placing an emphasis on Kardashian’s reactions to unapproved and unedited posts about them that go live on social media.

The TikTok below shows a perfect representation of the family trying to hide their bodies unedited as a content creator made a meme of Khloe. This past summer their mom, Kris Jenner posted an unedited picture of Khloe the youngest sister by the pool on Instagram. moments after the photo was seen by thousands on Instagram, numerous TikToks were posted by others exposing Khloe’s breakdown to the photo, and in turn, forcing her mom to immediately delete the photo.

Growing up and watching The Kardashians on many different platforms has been a love-hate relationship. They are not the only celebrities guilty of photoshop, or any beauty enhancements, but they aren’t open and honest about what work they have gotten done. This creates a very toxic relationship between young women and loving their bodies. As I have said before it has taken me many years to appreciate my own body, but the unrealistic standards are hard to just forget about. Unfortunately, it is more common for women to get beauty enhancements rather than appreciate our differences. Loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s important to recognize the unrealistic beauty standards that our generation is subjected to live up to. Everyone should live life feeling comfortable in their own skin.

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